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You go into the rolling Stone Sean Wells about this. What are you got? The moves like Jagger. I'm going it's it's in. It's in May I played this just for you. I'm going to ask Beeman you got. Oh my gosh. I'm Alex Jones being in. I mean how old. How old is this going to send like? Like I'm thinking Jagger's got seventy five seventy seven something like that. It's incredible it'd be interesting to see how well he can dance. Still Heavy six. That's awesome six and started love. It like sixty sixty seven or sometimes they'd been didn't he just have heart surgery. Have Heart Surgery formed a role in sixty two way? Moly crazy. Yeah tickets really sixty seventies eighties nineties knots or whatever you WANNA call them the ten saying Yep Yep so Right here in the key to the cotton bowl too. That's where I saw him the last time. I think I saw him El Paso I've seen them like four or five times But and they never disappoint. I can tell you that so I hope you get your tickets Sean. Well I want to now. I'm on it all right. Well it's great to have you in studio as always we have your dear friend Adriana Stevenson. She's a local girl here from Dallas. I she lives in Richardson. And she is a brain tumor parent Ketogenic Diet advocate and real food. Crusader in two thousand. Sixteen world was turned upside down when her nineteen month? Old Son was diagnosed with a large brain tumor shortly after starting chemotherapy. Her research letter to the metabolic theory of cancer. And she put her on a therapeutic. Kita genyk diet this This life changing journey has ignited a passion for helping others and families navigate metabolic therapies for their children and to educate them on the efficacy of the Ketogenic Diet. She hopes to empower others by sharing evidence based research alongside practical tips for Everyday. Kito living on instagram. You can find her at Kito for my kid. That's at Kito for my kid. Such a pleasure to have you with us today. Thank you so much. What an intro. Yeah Yeah well you know what? Hey you're out there doing girl and and I think it's so cool that you're in studio with US talking about it and I have my friend. Kristy Kristie Scott here as well. Who's entertaining Getting on the Ketogenic Diet for her son as well so Different circumstance but nonetheless. It is a very few therapeutic diet and we know that the Ketogenic Diet hasn't been around and being used for for for diseases like epilepsy for over one hundred years. Now so lots to talk about here and Sean..

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