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My question is i mean so okay so you think they just have a good chance of finding this because it is ridiculous. I think hassle fighting if the other thing to keep in mind in a fed case like that the years are big but the feds look at a lot of different things that go into sentencing. And so if there's full payment to all victims of these crimes and the feds recover one point five million dollars in restitution for all the victims. That's one factor that weighs against lower sentences. Because we've you know people have paid for this lost people have been compensated. Bemis less jail time for whoever ultimately is culpable so. That's one thing that every defendant in this case needs to look at that. Listen if everybody doesn't have knowledge of what happened. Then everybody's not guilty and if somebody did do this and they're willing to stand up and take the blame and pay this off. Might not be a lotta years for him right. Listen i know you went for bill. Hearing did he get bail. Got bail so the way that works is he got charged in massachusetts in him and a number of other people got charged massachusetts. But they were all over the country when they get charged. So you don't actually just show up in massachusetts what will happen. Is you basically just report to your local authorities. I mean best practices. You reports your local federal You know judicial district. Basically in her case he was in kelly's it was in la so he reported to the authorities and then what they do. Is they take you to the closest federal courthouse. So in his case central district california. He went into that courthouse and the judge there gave him his initial bond hearing and they set the bond at that time. I think it was like twenty five thousand cash. A fifty thousand dollar bond. So that means he would have come up with twenty five thousand cash given to the court for the fifty thousand dollar bonds. He goes to a bondsman. Gives the bondsman. Some sort of percent. Some collateral bondsman gives him that bond. He gives that paper the court. Now he's out and then they put a bunch of other conditions on him and this was interesting. 'cause what happened is that judge in california gave him to bond. He's good he's out then a couple of weeks later. He has his first hearing with his new judge massachusetts. So when you had that first hearing with the new judge massachusetts the government's like oh maybe we should increase the bond and it's like why exactly and this is trying to squeeze on. They want if because if they could put more restrictions on them then he doesn't wanna fight the case so they tried to squeeze them they're like oh yeah. We need up that bond amount. I thought that really hurt the government's argument when they made that argument. Like wow do they realize how stupid they sound accusing a guy who makes over a million dollars a year. Rapper i mean they sound but whatever they they made that argument make another arguments. They're like yeah. We gotta make sure this guide us we because he has a medical marijuana card in california and again. I actually started government. Say to statement in court and then the the judge had to kind of finish their sentences how it went so does do it as trying to argue like yeah i need you judge to tell her absolutely one hundred percent that there's no marijuana use judge it could be a little unclear you know. He has a medical marijuana card and the laws and the at this point. the prosecutor starts fumbling. He doesn't even know how to explain it because he couldn't believe what he was asking for. Right he's i. Like i mean he couldn't get the words out he was like you know we need to clarify it and the judge clarified. She's like right because it's legal in california and massachusetts right and he's like right. Yeah so we need to clarify that point and so you know i mean it's it's the classic squeeze case. They're trying to put as much heat and pressure on him as they can stand tall. So who the fuck else is in trouble right now. And hip hop ma'am ma'am we got a bogey got arrested in new jersey wasted. Did it didn't get shot but what happened. I don't know man but the crazy thing about that case what they got him on right now as they did a search warrant right so anytime you get a search warrant. First thing you lawyers gonna do. If you've got a good lawyer. You can afford to have to do with the challenge the basis for that warrant. That did the cops ever really have enough evidence to go and get a warrant in the first place right. then let's say to warrant as good. What did they have them on. They found him with some guns and weapons in some wheat. You could kinda defend. That's not my guns or you know just in the house and never possessed them outside or you know whatever whatever the case might be the. We'd you could argue that us. Hey man you guys new jersey just made we constitutional so what's up by still giving me flack on this and you know the government will say. Oh but we haven't put that line so effect yet. It comes into effect sometime. Whatever whatever so boogie will play that game with good moyer's he'll be all right but here's the question. Then are those guns dirty man now. You people don't come with search warrants when they know the whole story they come with search warrants when they have part of the story and they're trying to get more of it and any time. You see a search warrant results in seizure of firearms. You gotta ask yourself where those firearms going to be to. I've had a search warrant coming against me bro. Had amino know everything else in their fucked. My turn attorney got him. You know like shit. They had to return all my shit fucking What's supposed to what my boy meli man any news on him. Ship 'em melis going to go to trial. I think. I think we're gonna see in the next year. One of hip hops biggest and brightest stars low trial on double murder charges. How about that sticks gonna be televised just going to be crazy down like a dog. I mean didn't he kind of central himself in admit that he did it or is he my take on that case people who watch my channel. I've always seeing that. This case to me is very very relatable recognizable to people who understand the other hats. Okay if you've seen the streets if you understood how it operates if you understand the mentality of someone who comes from the streets then you understand that when you're involved in a shooting and the police pull up and they start asking you questions you stories not always gonna come out straight right hesitation in answering the police's questions and there's gonna be some. There's going to be all types of inconsistencies. Frankly all right and that's just that's just what it is bro. that's just human nature. If i grew up in the place where wind w meli grew up if i grew up in a place where he was tremendous. Distrust of law enforcement grew up in a place where have regularly heard stories of a guy who never done nothing and one day the cops came and pulled up and put them in the back and we. Acn him since you think. I'm answering every detectives questions fully openly and honestly a few hours after hours in the vicinity of shooting. You know i hear you. I mean dude. This weird men do me for some jewelry. Like i'm just like you in jio. Brian damning me but anyways go go on. I'm sorry so look. I get it. I totally get why. The investigators continued this investigation into the two gentlemen who have currently been charged wine. Wwl wyan w portland. However you know what i don't appreciate in cases like this when these investigators start looking at someone they stop looking at anyone else they stop theorizing anything else. Because as you said bank human nature what is it is to win. And what's the win here. At this point the win is not finding the true killers or finding the truth of what happened the winners to fucking nail. These guys on their inconsistent statements. That's all they're trying to do. Yeah so let me ask you a question about bobby schmertz supposed to use supposed to get out. What do you have was a parole. I forgot what was it. Bail parole right and then they got a parole hearing and you know his issue was he didn't have a stellar record of behavior in jail. Now i don't know how many of your listeners have been to jail but it can be somewhat tough to be on your best behavior in the penitentiary all right now. It's not it's not like you keep head down and everything's gonna be alright so you know. They denied that man parole. They did it. Based on the fact of documented instances of him getting into you issues while he was incarcerated. And it's it's tough to argue that from the parole hearing but you know the bigger perspective the wider perspective. There is.

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