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West Today, President Biden visiting the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, and traveling to California to meet with firefighters and survey fire damage during an aerial tour, also, while in California, the president will campaign for governor. Gavin Newsom. Ahead of the day voting ends in the States recall election His opponents conservative talk radio host Larry Elder is by far the leading candidate, Renshaw sat down with him over the weekend. One of the first things I'm going to do is repeal the requirement for state workers. That they have to be tested once a week, and they have to wear mask at work. Newsom has faced criticism for his handling of Covid and California's record fires the past two years. ABC's Matt Gutman in Washington this morning U. S Capitol police arresting a California man who had multiple knives of bayonet and a machete in his pickup truck. It had a swastika, another white supremacist symbols painted on it parked near the Democratic National Committee headquarters. And in Russia, President Putin watching over the largest military exercises since the Cold War, Wall Street the Dow up 221 points. You're listening to ABC News. Arizona's news station use station Katya Our on Air 92 3 FM online at K t a r dot com and streaming Live on the K to our news app. You're breaking news and traffic now. It's 902. I'm Jeff Munn. Here's our top story. The Arizona Cardinals, They dominated the Tennessee Titans 38 to 13 on the road in Nashville to open up the NFL season. Ktrs Jim Cross is live in the news center Jeff Chandler Jones career high five sacks for Arizona quarterback Keller Murray. Almost 300 yards passing two of those touchdown passes went to a Christian Kirk. We're tired. We're tired of being counted up and so, like I said it was a statement game for us, and we're just trying to set the tone for the rest of the year. Cardinals home opener.

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