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Entered the region's pockets beautiful. The family recorded a video during a holiday in London in 2019, now a very precious memory for a fish. He says the death of his wife and so many others here should be a warning to the UK on the world. If Nick or it is going down in your place. Do not take it lightly. It was going down here in India. But it came like vile fire people that unguarded People were unguarded. And it could it affected healthy people. It affected pregnant women. So I do not take your guard down at all. India let its guard down on so far. Officially, the second wave has claimed more than a quarter of a million lives. The Indian variant has now spread to more than 40 countries. Ondas multiplying in the UK This train is highly highly infectious. I can tell you Earlier. It was the elderly. Nowadays, the young the virus is evolving and it has been affecting a lot many younger people here in India Simple. Aurora was a young woman focused on the future on new life. Her husband consoles himself with the belief that since her death last month she is with the child. They lost. Talk to myself, you know? I talk to myself, You know, she must have gone to take care of the second baby. She did not wanted to leave him alone. She did not want you to leave him alone. She was Mm hmm. My dad. She was a good soon. Ravish Charla, ending that report by all again. Most countries affected by the coronaviruses still striving to find ways of dealing with the impact of the pandemic. In Australia, more than 70,000 people have signed a petition urging the government to ease covert 19 entry restrictions on foreign born parents of Australian citizens. Campaigners argue the rules are having a profound impact on family relations and mental health Correspondent in Sydney film, Ursa reports Foreign born parents of Australian citizens need an exemption to be allowed into the country under strict cove. It 19 border measures. Campaigners argue that few cases they're approved on that the regulations should be changed. Petition has been presented to the parliament in camera and is awaiting a response from the government. Answering a Demetrius has tried unsuccessfully to bring her mother back to Australia from Ukraine. My mom left on the second of March 2020 for what was supposed to be like a 3 to 4 week trip to Ukraine. Nothing was indicative at this time that the borders will be closed forever. So she left and she never returned on. Dia plied for exemption Hard times. And the answer was just not exempt Australia bands most foreign nationals more than a year ago to curb the spread of the Corona virus. Citizens returning from overseas face 14 days in mandate Tree Hotel quarantine, but capacity is limited. The government says it probably won't be safe to reopen international borders until the middle of 2022 critics, though, say that's far too long to wait on that Australia's isolationism isn't sustainable. Professor Brendan Crab, the director of the Burnet Institute, a research organization based in Melbourne, says safer ways to re open borders need to be examined to protect our borders. Better not in a way that shuts people out, but the chance the virus out while allowing more people to move. So what I mean is a quarantine system. Its purpose built that has increased capacity. That's very airborne ready. Airborne transmission is the way in which the quarantine lakes of largely great happening. A recent newspaper poll showed almost three quarters of Australians want to keep international borders closed. Until it least the middle of next year till Mercer in Sydney. Let's get the sports news. Now, with Paul Sarah's Canadian Corey Connor's leads the way on five under after the first round of golf US PGA Tournament at Kiawah Island in South Carolina, the BBC's golf correspondent in Carter has more Although Corey Connors is two strokes clear after a masterful 67, there is a huge chasing packed with 30 players split by just three shots and all under par. Most will feel bruises from the exacting Kiawah Island course. The Britons Sam Horse Field in two times champion Brooks capture are among the Canadian Connor's closest rivals. Rory McIlroy, though the immediate task is making the halfway cut after a disappointing three over par opening 75 Not just the city center back Rube. India's has been named the Football Writers Player of the Year. Dias has enjoyed an incredible debut season at city, winning the Premier League, the League Cup and helping the site to the final of the Champions League. The South American Football Confederation condo ball have announced that matches that this year's copper America scheduled to take place in Colombia will be moved. The Colombian government had asked for the tournament to be delayed until November, but comparable rejected the request. Tournament was due to be co hosted by Columbia and Argentina shall a clear lead a surprise for everyone to in Thursday's practice that formula once Monaco Grand Prix, The BBC's F one. Commentator Jack Nicholls thinks the compact nature of the Monaco course gives Ferrari a chance of success. That's the thing that sort of come out of left field a little bit today. Suddenly Charlotte Claire and Carlos Site Charlotte Claire, the Monegasque. You've never had too much luck in his home track. He was fastest in free practice, too. No one was really expecting the Ferraris to be this quick. And if they are this first in qualifying tomorrow, suddenly it's a different complexion. Because every race this year we have had Hamilton of Verstappen finished 1st and 2nd in various orders, But those two have been the same permutation each time it suddenly Ferrari are involved in the mix. Then that changes things a lot, and it could split the title rivals up into into different fights. If you will. And in boxing, Deontay Wilder will not step aside to allow Tyson fury to fight until he Joshua in August, according to promoter Bob Arum. Thank you very much Pull. Sarah's Chris has some other stories from our news desk. Police in Nicaragua have raided the offices of the opposition new site L Confidence cell, which has been critical of the government of President Daniel Ortega. Several journalists are reported to have been arrested. The latest raid comes six months before presidential elections, which will decide Mr Ortega's successor. Prince Harry has accused the royal family of Total neglects in his mental health documentary Syriza's with Oprah Winfrey in the first episodes off the Me You cannot see the Duke of Sussex addressed the death of his mother on the online abuse. He and his wife, Meghan, have suffered. The prince said Every request for assistance the couple had made have been greeted by silence. The Swiss tennis star Roger Federer has said he will auction rackets, shirts and other memorabilia from his career next month. His goal is to raise $1.4 million for his foundation, which supports educational projects in South Africa and his native Switzerland. Thank you. Chris. Scientists have warned the planet's vegetation is changing at a faster rate today than at any time over the last 18,000 years. A paper in the journal Science shows. Researchers reveal that fossil evidence show humans may be a potent force driving the transformation. There's our science correspondent Victoria Gil. This is a study that drilled back in time taking cause of murder containing layers with fossils of plant pollen, studying those calls from all over the world revealed which species have grown in a particular site over thousands of years. The researchers could then measure the rate at which all global vegetation has changed and how quickly the turnover of different plant species has been over the centuries. They revealed that in the past 500 years that rate of change has been faster than any time since the end of the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago..

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