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How about our best worse the weekend polio start with you best and worst of the week my loyal ramblers making it to the final four longtime fan of the program course couple of weeks couple of weeks i was actually completely not a fan of the program growing up at the paul fan this just rubs it in that the fact that the paul basketball has been languishing my the best that we can is minnesota duluth ohio state notre dame versa michigan and the frozen four next week field advantage saint paul minnesota excel centre for minnesota duluth pretty close to home i think homeice advantage yeah what no feel generic fritzy best rumors my best was watching duke and kansas battled out that was one of the more exciting things to tune into over the weekend worst as we mentioned earlier floors coach leonard hamilton's attitude toward dana jacobson asking a fair question why he chose not to foul mishkin down four with eleven seconds still on the clock hey seem to bolivia's to you know the time element and the score that he just wasn't sure what she was saying and then wait a minute how are you questioning me like the game was over mclovin okay it's such a great weekend for philadelphia sports i have nothing but best town of champions villanova vinyl four dante vincenzo maybe the most exciting player left and how about the process finally working philadelphia seventy sixers six wins in a row here we come play all outta champion yep yeah they got two out of what seven draft picks right high draft we'll take me i'm relieved that we got those like jalil okeafor nope marquel foltz nope michael carter williams no nerlens noel nope hey but the process works polling the sixers i know novus big which would be bigger for obviously it's six have been gone for a while but his nova close to the sixers and fan interest in philadelphia no not really but since he's been so successful they're very well liked but i mean it's eagles in gigantic cliff and then every.

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