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The pentagon program allegedly run by luella. Zongo was tied to the bigelow foundation. And the same set of players. The to the stars academy is also tied to bigalow. George knapp who is key to bringing bob lazar and area fifty one to art bell and into public awareness. Also tied to bigalow. Senator harry reid financially tied to bigalow. So you've got this ecosystem of money from bigalow tied into researching ufo's and the survival of consciousness and if you've been paying attention to monster talk for awhile you'll recall. This is also tied to skin walker ranch. The bigalow research group mids jacques valet and even players going back to the nineteen seventies stanford research institute as our i which is certainly a nexus for all kinds of wacky bits of us paranormal history. What f a billionaire gave money to senator to help fund a ufo research department in the pentagon and that led to a story in the new york times would suddenly made it. Look like the us government's worried about you vows. And what if it was conveniently left out of that covers that this was all the same group of very enthusiastic believers leaching credibility off of both in new times and the pentagon to make it. Look like we're all on the verge of and you can say it with me disclosure. Now doesn't that seem like this sort of thing. In honest news organization would want to disclose. You might not think this is important. But it seems very clear to me that after all these decades of research into ufo's india and other kinds of spooky phenomena bigalow team of researchers can't find any proof for explanation for their beliefs within the boundary of standard physics so when faced with the quandary that they had two options one. And i think this is sensible to conclude. That whatever's going on with this stuff has more to do with human perception and culture thing goes in aliens and the other think this is the one that actually onto is to conclude that we have to reject material reality itself because it doesn't conform to what we want to believe in. That's not an exaggeration. There are many in that circle who openly off the rejection of scientific materialists thinking because it seems to have no room for what jason colavito calls. Space coulter guys anyway..

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