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Fab yeah can you explain to us and perhaps people who don't know the difference is cbd cannabis absolutely okay CB he is one of the Canabal annoyed within the cannabis plant within cannabis you've got your thc you've got your thc a which is it's just non activated Thc you've got your cbd collaborated doyle you got your C. B. N. which is really helpful for sleep I think they're selling like thirty six different canal was really only know about you know two or three because CBD's having a moment I mean Rulli I've I've said this on national dog food you can walk down the street right now and get a CBD Boba you can get a CD beer you can get a CD smoothie sauvage yeah I had some I mean here in La just putting your cough. I know they haven't come next to the damn sugar free cinnamon Jesus juice or whatever so yeah okay because you have products that have just CD as well as THC so even if you're listening and you do not live in a cannabis friendly state you still get hurt yes the CD product you can get them on our website you can also get them an urban outfitters which was the most in writing thing I was just I had spent so I went to college in the Rural Midwest and you know once a month we'd go into Columbus Ohio the a city around for a concert or something I would go I'd go walk in there probably yeast and up a storm walk around the urban outfitters now I just think head to my there is some nineteen year old who is walking around and Columbus Ohio who has been dealing with yes she'll see this product that is just so freaking cool to get herself a vintage biggie smalls t-shirt my God and then she'll start listening to rap music for the very first time that's right while wearing the shirt okay so let's talk a little bit about the mission of the brand and I saw I believe on your website it said we sear them up our faces so why not our pussies yeah did you so the average American woman spends roughly he's like twenty five dollars a day right here accent they're like TMZ hair products make up all of that that's going to amount to about two hundred fifty thousand dollars well quarter of a million dollar just think about what if we're putting on the stock market right instead we're putting on our faces To Be Fair my face is my stock market true true true true but I mean it but maybe that's the scary thing is like men in this country their stock market is the stock market true and our stock market are incredibly ephemeral fame yes yes like this shit ain't GonNa stay very long yes and so should we be investing something with maybe longer dividends I mean you got me there I mean listen I don't have them in the stock market I would love to either I'm constantly reminded about like what is Shitty adult you damn by climbing house Zuni me I can't drive I knowing my best yeah okay amazing dog thank you got a fucking killer podcast you're right got it Hugh Kayak and you own a company. Yeah so I guess I do have started doing my own company right but yeah we are on a mission to get people to maybe maybe not reallocate I'm not saying you have to spend any less money on your face but it's I think it's high time that people started investing in their intimate care routines being intimate meeting your sex organs you know whether or not you plan to have sex with them or have a baby with them it is a very you know it's a deeply absorbent part of our body that historically been treated kind of like a trash can the FDA it doesn't require companies to list all ingredients in tampons condoms a tampons are still taxed as luxury items and like thirty six stain. I can't yeah I mean it's a little bit fucked up and so I think listen if we're GONNA spend twenty five bucks a day on your face you should at least be spending twenty five bucks a month on your Ah yes and I think a lot of people carry you know people carry trauma in their sex organs he will carry emotional stress in their sex organs like you need a therapist and you need a vibrator it's I agree perfect I love that can we talk a little bit about how CBD's slash THC we can help our pussies Oh yeah and also is quick just for pussies quits not just for PS Quim is amazing for anal play about to ask supercrew for play the penis is has less nerve endings clitoris vagina uh-huh it's less absorbent so these products are not really going to have a huge effect for penile application yes anal application absolutely yes okay good We are a forward company here quim you know so there's a reason why there aren't you know butts on all of our products win we have decreased the global rate of if you ties by let's say fifteen percent great I'll put about on our us but I think it's you know it's high time we got to focus on the angry I agree and so the way T- you have to know your customer customer and you need to make sure you're serving your customer and you're serving them well before you try and bring in all the minor just an Adl play you gotTa make sure addressing your your your core audience yes so thc when absorb actually access of visa violators so visa die later means something that is going to increase blood flow opens up your veins and just shoot more the era your body which is going to heightened sensation it's going to augment natural lubrication safe to use less that shitty Lou and it's also going to make it a little bit easier to achieve climax like I'm not saying the only point of having sex but like sure right ninety eight percent of people with penises experience a climax at every partnered sexual encounter it's only about thirty six percent of people vaginas which is like we gotta change that have you ain't Gettin yours honey you getting yours what the fuck you doing but also if you're not getting yours in partnered encounter you gotta find out how to get yours so you can tell your partner how to serve you like you can't expect someone in the same way asking for want saying again this is a skill and I've had to learn it learn like listen if someone's going down you and it doesn't feel good you have to self like are they having the best time doing this maybe probably not so maybe I should give him some pointers reason they're doing it may of you play chart and like everyone said that awkward moment where someone's going down on you and yours like most like a really nice gesture but it's like when your grandma gives you like a sweater like Ooh that's just like not I would never wear that and I know it was expensive and I feel bad but like if someone's going to go down on you tell them gives Weiner's you're like Oh you know what I actually it be fingered while someone goes down on me it's going to juice it up and then you're going to have a better time altogether and it's like more efficient use of their time yes it's respectful of their yes and if your partner isn't open to feedback get the fuck out yeah no you've your partners but if you back you need to dump back on Griot tenders whipper whatever ear whatever your rover hotels for dogs whatever you need find your love but cb this is so seaweed he has a lot of similar properties. THC In that it will increase blood flow but CBD is also a super helpful anti inflammatory so if you who are some of the let's say twenty two percent of people with China's who experienced pain with penetration or the millions of women experience and Demitrio says act you have to expand yeah you need both and I think we've been focusing all the kettlebells or right you'll bells yes we're clench clench clench okay but knowing after lack right so those CBS for some women some people yes I mean also you have relaxing generally I think it's harder for men or a little tight I I get on that swiffer APP and I just start swiping you know swift swift swift I'm like swiping that floor swiping that floor swift swift I love a clean floor um okay great answer did you have any issues finding funding for your company due to the subject matter I'm just wondering Oh you know it yeah yeah what I'm doing down here I'm always just chasing that paper trying to get people to believe in a dream better life yeah definitely I mean it's been you know it was really hard when we started right like when we first started when trying to get that like initial seed capital it's been a little bit easier past few months but still you know we're we're in what people call a double sin industry not only do we have cannabis but we're talking about women's Sexuality quality which in general makes a little uncomfortable yes so I talked to like a lot of old white guys and they're like oh well this my wife want to have sex with me and I was like Cooley at a will maker WANNA have sex I don't know about with you that's between you and your God but maybe should it be like yeah yeah yeah yeah over on people to fund it you know when we do our series and we're actually trying to raise like multiple millions of dollars and it'll just be a d yeah it will be hard but you know what I don't know there I think million bucks right ten million or whatever and that's why we started this we didn't we didn't start this is going to be easy we started this because like I had these health problem uh-huh and I made something that works for me and then I accidentally like left at a friend's house and I was like oh I'll come get inches like no yeah she was like I use it last night and like I'm this is mine now known get your and the holy shake you need to be selling this like just think like maybe all maybe all of your like trifling vagina problems we're not for nothing like you're really comfortable talking about your vaginal discharge or this law this or that and if you can share that with other people make it a little bit easier for other people to do this that's amazing but we didn't come into this like trying to slip it really quick I mean listen like I'm trying to get like you know I definitely want to Crete that intergenerational wealth Yes hi Ni I wanna be so rich that my kids are definitely fucked up just kidding I love you future babies I love you so much I always I always say that my goal is for women to get rich off of women because so many so many like we were talking about the heads of companies that we all buy from our man so perfect opportunity everybody truly yeah and then when I become a millionaire like call me and invest yes yes.

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