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Welcome back to the glenn beck program michael pal can hear stephen indiana wanted to chime in state welcome to the program thank you wish start brain why to put out there that uh by the way love you when you fill in for going on this year you thank you he did since obamacare was passed i believe the democrats have been swept out of office unlit lost nearly nearly a thousand feet and i'm afraid if we don't follow through with repeal as thomas republicans are headed sound defeated in an upcoming elections just worried about their well steve you bring up a really good point and the and the fact is when you think about those thousand seats they encompass house senate in terms of the national positions there governorships there are state positions there are all kinds of seats that were lost the democrats and that was from the pendulum swinging so far left under the polo see and harry reid control with obama and the white house and there is great concern so i hope the lawmakers will pay attention that there is a an under current right now that's not happening that's not pleased because they they they elected the republicans to lead the nation based on the promises that were made and if they don't fulfill those promises we know what happens we know how this election thing works out so i appreciate per chiming in am reminding all of us that we need to remind our congressmen and our senators and and our local wraps you got to do which apprentice oreo pay the price at thank you sir well they have what will take you have a grey weekend a year yesterday after this show on after my other radio show i visited the george bush center on the smu campus in in dallas and i have to tell you i had a religious experience of one kind and i witnessed the paintings that the former president bush has to execute you did that honor the wounded warriors he has ninety plus paintings in this museum that's attached to the bush center now the bush center itself is a remarkable record of what the president did during his his time in office and you can actually go and sit in the george bush oval office and get your picture taken yes i did it but i spent more time checking out this exhibit of the wounded warriors it's powerful.

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