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The messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is, that is our job. That is our job. Do everything you think Losing control isn't eight eggs all listen. Okay, Let's go. Let's go. Number 19. The old lies coming back. These have all been, of course, debunked but doesn't stop Mika from spreading the fake news. Here we go. Look at how he's worn us down from his paid off porn star to Russia lies to racism and Charlottesville racism across the board Children in cages. Get off her Children in Katia. Exactly Rush arrests and Children in Kate. Every Obama built the cages. There was no racism in Charlotte's, but we've gone over. We've actually played Trump Sound. What he actually said she and stormy Daniels. Every case has been thrown out. Yeah. Hey, stormy horse face. How you doing? You do one more, one more. We'll get out of the way because I think it's just so good. Who had more the final breakdown that we're going to play so far, Number 20. Here we go. Mika, His constant lying is now killing people. It's killing people going all day with his calamitous corona virus leadership. It's killing Americans. Every day. He could be keeping people alive. He's choosing not to. He's choosing to not keep people alive. She speaks about it like he's the Messiah. Or something. I am. I will not save you. But job at Joe Biden has a cure to cancer. Why is he saving these other people? What's going on by the I don't remember her ever complaining that Andrew Cuomo could've kept people alive. Oh, but instead he's shipped him to the back to the nursing homes where they all died. But yeah, So Mika has lost her mind this morning. It is so good. She needs prescription drugs in the worst way. Okay. Trumps too crazy Hold office. Yeah, she's too crazy to hold office. I think you're too crazy to be on TV. I said, I think That's a nightmare. You go is what happens when the husband's not there to control and he's got a lot easier not to anyone will continue. We have AH, our data analyst Uh, coming up at 6 35 on how the Arizona Department health Services. I mean, they have to know what they're doing. They are literally inflating the numbers of a benchmark. The cases per 100,000 of covert covert case part of their inflating it. He'll explain everything. I got do super comments coming back is 705 We have the lawyer, Ellen Woman. He is the law professor representing over 80 bars at the Supreme Court. Now, here in Arizona, suing Ducey over him, keeping bars close. It's all coming up. Don't go anywhere. Get his CanIs T the morning ritual with.

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