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Heard any of his music so i'm i'm not proud of it like sometimes i forget my headphones in i mean the list leno it'd be like oh negro let me put it on power one oh five and then you know i may have chris brown song and did not know it was christopher i'm good with that i'm good fernando and which one of them locate the thing is something but i doubt it i'm effort of his voice is kinda distinctive no a lot like yesterday we are now seeing age where just songs that i feel like aren't even out but i guess really came out when i was in high school yeah they're just using those beats yeah not sampling i'm just using to be 'cause i heard that fucking sweetie song which one oh the women are both yes always any rally yeah i think so i think so it is right i wanna say i only heard that someone but it will be whichever song and i hear all the time oh child the little white girls even if it's so sweet oh wow into something i guess her other song that was real popular with the one that's a coyote but yeah that's that fucking what's her name a mommy slater ooh ken laney did wrap her own came came easy cases are then i'll just hook the pt will be in just wrapped over and i know the thing that blew my i know i know there are kids in high school right now they're probably big this is true yeah probably do the same thing would be i threw at the end you know what if he pointed out to them you're old shut up grandpa's why even on the internet i reject all but i reject the as you still play frequently sometimes if you had a good part i mean i'm sure they do but we did that matter to you i won't take the suspect well i don't know what should have been they don't give a shit about your old as feelings yeah that's it further hot tops today let's take a break and we'll come right back okay so quick fact of everyone bought one used items minutes of new four year we would say five point seven billion pounds of c o two emissions there's a lot of their i mean many that's why we left right up the world's largest online consignment and third store they're on a mission to get people being secondhand first what i care about my mom lives in ninety percent of off on trend brands like we formation nike free people who say stylish in sustainable on a budget plus they're up is offering listeners a special offer an extra thirty percent off their first order when you go to threat up dot com slash brita thirty percent off there already discounted prices yes and it really is like much cheaper than retail i got a bunch of like summer clothes i just did not feel like spending you know brand new money on a bunch of summer close and i'm only gonna wherever eight weeks cause new york don't really have something like that going up in spin way less and have the clothes i need while it's hot girl summer it's just like it's absolutely partner for stuff like that i know a lot of you know they're gonna be getting ready to send your kids back to school and all that is all kind of close on threat it definitely go check them out for a limited time they're offering my listeners an extra thirty percent off your first order all you gotta do is go to threat up dot com slash reid is on top of the already low prices so hurry up and take advantage it's t h r e d u p dot com slash are you eighty one extra thirty percent off today terms apply but yeah go get yourselves something as new t u n not expensive hey man let's get back to the show okay it's time for lift rumor of yes cinder questions to ask blurry edgy mail dot com we may rhythm allowed on the show are first question comes from 'em cartel i made that summer cartel.

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