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Residents who are suffering greatly because of covert 19, because what it has done to our economy throughout society. Like other counties across the state. O C. Is asking residents to stay vigilant and followed guidelines during this holiday season. If you are going to celebrate with people try to limit it to two household for gathering. Yeah. If you can. Ideally, you can do it virtually, um, and we will encourage you to do the gathering outdoors. And they're recommending you change your typical holiday plans like having gatherings outside around lunchtime when the weather isn't is cold. Patient who was shot several times by an L. A county sheriff's deputy and L. A county sheriff's deputy and harbor U. C L. A medical center has died of his injuries as KCRW. Sterile SATs been reports The death of Nicholas Berg Ghost last week has again raised questions about the use of lethal force by deputies inside the hospital. Ghost experienced with the hospital calls a psychiatric episode on October 6th, reportedly using a metal ivy stand to smash a window. The hospital employees a crisis team to respond to such incidents, but before they could arrive, Burr goes, allegedly entered the room of a deputy who is recovering from injuries and under armed guard. The sheriff's department says a deputy on guard shot the 38 year old after he lunged at her holding the medal stand. She fired nine shots and burgers was hit seven times. The shooting prompted a protest by hospital staffers who said Burgo should have been restrained with nonlethal force. The L. A County Board of Supervisors, meanwhile, has asked the office of the inspector general to look into restricting the presence of law enforcement officers at county hospitals. Then Sheriff Alex be in a way that has defended the deputies actions, saying she was just about a second or two away from getting hit in the head. With that heavy object that was being wielded by Burr goes and Cal State Northridge has announced today that it's administration building will be named Valero Hall in recognition of an $11 million gift from alumnus Milt Valera and his wife and included in down but in scholarship for a program that provides.

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