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Dan. The danettes Annette's Rob Parker making a big cross country trip after asking Doug Peterson a question. The postgame Prescott. That was amused. You thought I was drunk. I'm just a drunk reporter and a press conference that was not me. That wasn't you know I. I know the the dancing you you went out to do last night following the cowboys dancing. I'm a professional guy. I'm a reporter on route. You know what I root for you call you back Prescott mafokate. He's as the most fraudulent of all time. But I don't rule that's just me giving my opinion on it. I'm an analyst. I do not route. I don't care if the cowboys where to lose but I never bought into him. That's all I'm going to tell you I did not buy into them Everybody was random. Remember their division to lose three zero to start the the season. Well they were they were and the thing about the cowboys is Dak Prescott. You WanNA break it down this easy friend against the bad teams this year. He was good when you're faced it. When he faced a team with the defense? That was pretty good then he was bad all right his best games this year giants redskins Detroit in the rams. Those are always best games. All those defenses were terrible the ramp how many times the rams get lit up. This season wasn't last year right but when he plays a good defense he's got a bad game. All all the games are passer. Rating was was ninety or lower Philadelphia. WHO's even middle of the pack Chicago? Buffalo the jets who have one of the best run defenses in the NFL. New New England Green Bay New Orleans right. All those good defenses and he struggled with all right there joining us now on the hotline for more on the Cowboys Eagles and all the other big big news in the NFL foxsports rouge analyst former VP OF NFL officiating. It's Mike Pereira now. Normally Mike you come on the show at night. You're a couple of glasses of wine in. It's very early in the morning today. I wonder where you are right now. It's coffee and Philadelphia. Oh you did the game you did the game. AM yesterday first of all before we get to your expertise. How shocked by that game? Considering where the cowboys were and just the eagles were banged up. Well I mean pretty shocked I mean most people thought I guess it was GonNa be a close game that wasn't me based on the performance against the Rams uh-huh The cowboys performance. That was the week before to me. It was reminiscent of the cowboys in week. One two and three and I thought maybe they had found it And so I. I went in pretty competent. That the game was gonna go the cowboys ways. But you know you you Kinda seem to get a sense from the cowboys early on. And and we know that they had a couple of games where they went right down the field and scored in the first drive and then they went flat. And you know to me. They basically we started flat and pretty much ended flat. And there didn't seem a lot of energy from the cowboys standpoint and so as the game went on and I would say probably midway through the second quarter it kind of became apparent to me that they just didn't have the Mojo work and that they had the week before and a bit. You know week seventeen. It was going to take that to see who ended up winning the NFC East so Pretty surprised you know. The last is play the game yesterday Mike. We've talked a lot about that. The last real offensive play for the cowboys. The fourth down pass gets broken up in the end zone they went back and looked at it for interference. And when they went to you for your analysis I could just tell from your voice going if they overturn this and give the cowboys of I and I'm going to be really really mad. I mean I inferred that from your voice choice and you're talking about that. Well you know I would have been because that would have been so far different than where this rule was if the you know. Basically the first three quarters of the season because it had to be so clear in obvious that had to be so agreed. Just that quite frankly. It went too far in that direction and now they've tried to reel it back in the day. I'm saying I'll river on in New York and Russell Kirk is just a replay and they realized it back in but still it needs just to be clear and obvious. And that's one of those where you know. I'm looking at it and talking at the same time and I'm saying you know yes. There is a con there is contact as you really pin his arm down and and you know does the receiver initiate the first contact by sticking an arm and the defender just a lot of it and you know Joe says during the broadcast but it looks like you may have the arm and you know yeah may possibly timing wise close All of those where you don't want to get involved in basically re officiating the play. I mean if you went back and said okay. Let's put this place is it or isn't it officiate. To play act like no call was being made on the field then it might have taken a little longer to come up with. I think the same conclusion that it didn't significantly -nificant league kinder- The receiver. There's always hand fighting volk ways and and to me they would have put you know pass. That's interference on that play. Then I think they would have made a mockery out of the rule the same with the same way they were making a mockery out of it and the first three quarters of the season but in the opposite direction so I never for one second thought they would put it on. I thought it was more of a PR thing since it was the fourth down. Play at the end of the game was decided. Basically the outcome. I think they did it. I never thought they would put it on and and and I think rightfully so they know my Mikey we on. NFL celebrating its one hundred th anniversary this year and now we got to change the coin. Toss because it's too complicated. How in the world world? How can we just say that Dak Prescott for whatever reason just botched it and keep it as is what needs to change? I don't get it. Nothing needs is to change. There is nothing to change in the rule. Look at. We've changed the twice already in my time. In memory you know we we changed changed it on the field luck at one with the steelers and Jerome Bettis Tale And so we said at that point then okay the captain must call it burst I And then you know we we changed it again a second time when the you know when the conversation came of the coin in sticking in the ground was it heads or was it tail. And if you basically didn't get the calling the flip then we said Okay you could read flip it. If it doesn't flip now leave the damn thing alone please and just use some common sense and just if you're the referee just a if a guy says kick you know we WANNA kick just say to comedian. Wait a minute. You know what you're saying. And if you're a captain be just as as positive as Dak was yesterday when he immediately at least shouted out defer. I wish Tony Tony Granny would he use a little personality and said are you sure you wanted to her. I mean it would have been. It would have been very funny very very funny but there's no need. There's no need to change the coin. Toss rule none. I agree I just. I think it's an overreaction everything a pass interference changes because of what happened to the saints. It's just every year. It's like an overreaction. It just it's crazy. Hey Mike one of the big Place from last night. We haven't gotten a little bit yet. We had the Patrick mahomes touchdown and he walks off the field counting the number of of players who were taken before him in the draft. Was that flag worthy for you or no. Well listen I I believe any dance after touchdown flag worthy. I I mean I'm I'm the old president what are you doing. I'm the past president of the no fun league bad. It's a real life as a gay. Hey Mike I I I know but I'm old. Listen I'm the I'm the guy that seventy remembers the bears. Gale sayers handling the ball to the official after he scores a touchdown and acting like he's been that I'm old and I'm also in the minorities. So you gotta give me that too. But I can't oh I can't just I just like this game to be a team game and not individual game when you know you put individual attention on yourself or are some of your teammates. If it's a receiver you know. Do a dance but forget about the quarterback that through the past and do a dance. Forget about the linemen that blocked the quarterback. Okay I'm I'm old. I'm no fun League but I'm done I'm never gonna say that again but what I what did I thought it was pretty funny today. The truth it is it was fun and you know what we do. Have a tape of you from a couple years back when you still with the League pay you kids get off my law. The Globe bring bringing Shammar to my house. Mara rare reality shy. You can bring a as you as you both know. Just bring it before the evening times before four. You'll be going out on on your way to an early early bird special for dinner. He's on twitter. At Mike Pereira on twitter at Mike Pereira foxsports rules analysts. Mike is always appreciate it. Have a great great holiday. We'll talk to you next week. Great stuff there for my now win. Pereira comes on my show at night. He's always yes three glasses of wine glasses. This is what I'm ready I'm ready. I'm ready and he takes a pause and when when he did he was on with us last week he actually stopped going. Wait a minute. I've been talking you too long. I need a sip of wine. took a sceptre shell or knife Pereira's the best. Look I understand the over the top celebration celebration that you don't want anything to get because what what officials don't want they don't want the game to get out of control. Someone has some kind of crazy celebration. This means they're going to get a little extra shot or a helmet to helmet hit next time because the defense is going to be pissed off about it I understand I used to love the NFL with the fun bonds. And all that I had no issue with I really didn't I. Just you know what if you if you don't want those guys is celebrating death. Stop Them from scoring. You know what I mean like I just thought it added to it. You remember that the Cabbage Patch and the fun bunch. Launch Washington and artists gives the electric slide on the electric slide with a lot of stuff that was just fun and creative and all of a sudden became the no fun league. Like you said Ed and now they're going back to letting people have a little fun. I I don't WanNa The cheerleader jumping out of his stand and all kinds of other stuff. Like holding up the game but if they come up with something that's fun or a in the mahomes thing was was pretty good one. I watched some. Yeah we passed asinine. We're one of those teams play pass not a week and at-bat off and that's the crazy thing because you look at the chiefs who who a month ago had problems. Jason Smith Rob Parker in for Dan. Patrick Danettes here at Fox sports radio I mean they had a lot of problems..

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