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The king queen and Lauren Bacall yeah or that have particular Audrey Hepburn I think it's Katherine Hepburn and now both of them yeah each playing dual roles exactly after finding expression but the hawks scored three power vessels that it's like finally get one to go and in the meanwhile can get the puck other owners and then the story the last few seasons to goaltender that day I would make the stop all right and he's not holding back to be a little old these bad old first to get a good terrible after all okay so that that was part of the core you know what Crawford so now you have to turn the page on that next year right I don't know maybe they do they try to bring water back or he tweeted out that the story going around was that he wanted a long term deal and the hawks said thanks but no thanks they want shorter term and now who depend if you believe rob a letter he said no I was willing to a three year deal we never talk money no I mean if he's if he's being honest here everyone assumed you know that you knew what it was gonna be six seventy million dollars a year for I am right now and I thought okay maybe they wanna go six years of that kind of money because I've got enough of those guys and maybe one a no trade and talk about that but if they only talk if they turned down a three year deal even get the money what is sort of surprise you do or how do you how do you not get the money is in that I a huge part of the equation to try to figure out your call at like how long is Canaan teams going to stay here because that's the right that's a real core the team effort and those who are not there are one other guy leaves then it's a rebuild you're going to get him going I'll give you one for me here in a rebuild you have been in rehab just a lack of recognition of the fact that that's exactly where you are you know John McDonough gets up and says this is a playoff team you scratch our heads and say what you know what I mean you already but your blanks can your guy Quenneville he's down in Florida now you did that you said okay it's his fault yes his bicycle you don't have the guns if you don't have the players if you don't have the guns you don't have the players doesn't make a difference what you do you're not the defense that's dictating policy to tell him what to do they got themselves yes man in there in this situation that they're in and your stand pay lip service to we're still trying to make the playoffs this year when what are termed yeah yesterday right but then he went on to talk about well you do you want to get a young core going like we did ten years ago do you want that core or get a court with all these young assets and they're going to grow together ideally so you're telling me it's a rebuilt through like your excess right again young assets are going to grow together be that core when you're ready to win something meanwhile can take Z. chat with three years left on the deal I think three more years after this season I believe that will be playing that level hockey likely in the third year of that in the last year that deal is all about yeah.

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