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Commercial sounds on her motorcycle and everything's better on a bike progressive keeps you on yours according this was three minutes a progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and will bring for basic liability policy available in all states W. CBS news time six oh three I'm Michael Philip LA in the six eighty WCBS Maryland news center with the headlines in the news this hour Baltimore police training required under a federal consent decree had been slow down because of the covert nineteen now break a monitoring team that has been following the police department's reform efforts as crucial training had to be halted because more than four hundred officers have been quarantined the team also says the department has been stretched thin by enforcement of the governor stay at home mortar bomber county police investigating the death of a woman whose body was found this morning in Windsor mill home on Chippenham place police haven't released any more details in sports NASCAR they set a date to green flag there Cup season the circuit says it'll resume its season without fans starting may seventeenth at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina NASCAR's oldest superspeedway the Primera Cup series will then raise three more times in a ten day span beginning with one more at Darlington before to outside Charlotte North Carolina sixty five degrees reporting at six oh four I'm Michael philatelic six eighty WCBS news nineteen is a severe lung infection trust the American lung association for science based public health information really for the thirty six million Americans live with lung disease we have the resources to protect your lung health access expertise from medical professionals and peer to peer support online communities visit lung dot org for daily updates W. C..

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