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Well i mean you didn't get flown out to north dakota or wyoming how did you make this list right you make every list you think they would think i would have got invited to wyoming right like his grammy thing i wrote i wrote his grammy vile oh wrote his his five mike review beautiful dr twisted fantasy in the source but also shifted on them for the past like four or five years i feel that should be enough clout to get you on that plane though it would be nice but dr he ain't nobody invite me issue if you went to wyoming on the plane to have the vance listener connie's out nash it which trash are you telling oh absolutely absolutely i'll probably get stuck in wyoming probably we're both my ticket like i'm not the point in my life and i was i just did this i was doing early today where somebody asked me about being blunt and being honest don't have time to beat around the bush and it's to the point where if i say something and i mean it there's really no take back so i'm like well that's what it is though it's like what's what's the point of me lying the kind kinda ain't gonna do to me leave you while yeah find a way home but that's why wouldn't even go but i'm just saying like if it's trash i've been as a journalist of called things like they offer years i don't pander to nobody in kanye west if we're everything that he's done if he put out a trash album tell him i'm not not really feeling that i might find a more sensitive way to say it like that's not saying hey you'll see this horrible probably wouldn't say like that probably very critical about about yo lyrics is wet like and yeah he probably leave me awhile i'll probably be some weird.

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