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Before he's Batman's nemesis he's a sad guy named Arthur flak living this sad existence in Gotham who's one dream was to become a comedian. or one small thing yeah when you bring me down. can you introduce me as joker. he failed in that dream and descends into madness and finally becomes the spectacular psycho clown killer terrorizing the city. and as Arthur Fleck transforms over the course of the movie so does his work I mean it's basically clown make up isn't it white face red nose red lips you know some blue triangles around his eyes and couple little a red eyebrows this is Rick Baker one of the great Hollywood makeup virtuosos who is here today to explain and critique the evolution of the joker's various on screen looks over the years that have led to Joaquin Phoenix's freaky clown for hire whose face was designed by make up artist Nicki letterman it's obviously supposed to be make up because you see him making himself out but not very well which is kind of helps make it creepier you know it's it'll kind asymmetrical and smeared in you know he's insane so insane guy probably would do it Rick Baker has been one of Holly was few go to transformative make up guys for forty odd years so many films he's worked on such as turning Eddie Murphy into an old Jewish guy in coming to America hello from funny bash right and several years later turning Eddie Murphy into six different members of the client family for the nutty professor all. a job that won him one of his seven Oscars for best makeup. bigger is got a particular knack for other worldly makeup creations lots of the aliens in the original Star Wars cantina scene apes in Tim Burton's planet of the apes his big breakthrough came in nineteen eighty one the product of a painstaking complex deis long shoot in which the actor David Naughton slowly and painfully morph into a werewolf an.

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