Resident Scholar, Brigitte Rosenberg, NPR discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Comes in PBS presenting world on fire a new drama series from master piece that follows the intertwining fates of ordinary people swept up in the events of World War two premiering tonight at nine eight central on PBS and Drexel University recognizing one hundred years of a cooperative education program that prepares students to address the challenges of a changing world more at Drexel dot EDU slash ambition can't wait and the listeners of KQED rain on and off today possibility of a thunderstorm this afternoon this is weekend edition from NPR news I'm Lou Garcia Navarro how our houses of worship dealing with the corona virus pandemic many states and cities have issued orders for residents to stay at home but there are exemptions for religious services in Virginia and Maryland for example there's a limit to the number of people that can be in attendance only ten and while some churches synagogues temples and mosques have decided on their own to stop holding services clergy are still very much serving their congregations struggling to maintain a sense of community I'm at a loss of routine ritual and at times a sense of peace joining us now to talk about that R. three leaders from three different face first rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg of the United Hebrew congregation in St Louis Missouri welcome to the program thank you next we have imam Suhaib Webb he serves as the resident scholar at the Islamic center of New York University in New York City welcome to you thank you and finally we have just having gone as executive director of comments on both these that you spend a Texas a collection of over one thousand Baptist congregations in Texas welcome to you pleasure to be here eleven so Robert Rosenberg I'd like to start with you you.

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