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So with respect to that they're driving out there or they're not the millennials yeah they absolutely are they want they want to get immersed into a brand they want a relationship with a brand new house of this whole theory of transitioning your brand from aspirational to lifestyle brand and lifestyle brands they like say behind me they're not yes the ratio where people are thinking of some day I might be able to own that they create the sense that I want this today I'll it's my it defines me and they could probably get there today too and and nothing will stop them from buying it one of the interesting part of this thing is this year they say twenty four trillion dollars what a half times the whole U. S. economy our is going to be that the wealth of the global millennials right so so yeah I listen and I always say look you realize that it when we're gray's entrees work they're going to be running this place at night right here for me I mean it in the end the main reason that millennials already can arguably control significant levels of wealth is because of the you know boomers are are transferring their wealth by me I guess the other piece of it though there's a really big disparity between the haves and the have nots to the millennials gap path of the wealth is owned by the one percent to million that is just how free market economies work but that's how it is in in stock so if you think in terms of of the spending power and the fact of the incomes closer to the top when you're faced with anything from healthcare marketing to be to be had to be to be the same hi how are you having to shift in how do you how do you even negotiate the change would get theirs you're dealing with guys the boredom that are already right right well you just kinda have to take him by the lapels look use you used to do doesn't work and don't do it and if you want to do that I'm not the guy for you go find someone else you know we're looking for companies that want to disrupt money and if they do not want to do it traditionally because none of that stuff is really breaking through right.

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