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If Gordon hero points them question. So now, maybe I was just two weeks ago. He got shut out in Jacksonville. Jacksonville lost a Josh Johnson yesterday. I I'm asking I'm Jay, I'm asking you the whole how good oughta Cowboys that got shut up at the winning five straight games. How good are the cowboy is my turn. Thank you. What I love. Is. It cold to ask a question rhetorical. Then it means you give a response to I love. I love did the coat kind of look like the old cowboy young Cowboys used to Luton what they've done instead of Ryan Grigson who warm gentleman L skip. He got all these fancy new towards he wanted to sign Andre Johnson. He wanted to sign Frank gore. Did he wanted all the all we're going to go up and down the field? He wanted. To be the old Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning, and Marvin and Reggie Wayne down Clark born the ball all over the field where this gentleman and say, you know, what this is how we do this starting at the center going left. First rounder, Alabama rang Kelly Quinton rushing skip. I know he's a rookie. But he might be the best guard in football because stanza left tackle first rounder. The right Turner braided fist us, man. Yeah. Did he pitches? Shut out of what did DeMarcus Lawrence Taylor? Did they play yesterday? They were doing all that. If only Dak Prescott had that offensive. Do with that line. Seriously. Don't know really you're making my case I liked that talking going out talking. Now if my turn who've offense, thank you. This is what I've been saying all along the cowboy, and they will listen to me 'cause I say cozy we gotta get up to a fast garden because what the Cobb would like to do they like the pitcher shut out in the first quarter. They get deleted. Then they make you play on their turn when they want to nearly run when they want to the colts got a seven nothing lead. Yeah. So now the Cowboys could try to play catchup skip. Look you keep talking about all they lead number one number one in time of possession. They were they still aren't. But guess what skill Valence the twenty thirty and scored what does that tell you possessing the football doesn't win? You gain point win you games. It. It wins you games if you cash those points in dot. Mess question. Would you rather have them on forty five minutes and scored ten points? A rather have the ball twenty eight minutes in school forty five point in the L. Thank you. So what the Cowboys the first half average dry three drives average thirteen plays ninety row points. That is spectacular thirteen. Plays a drive Ecksteen. What did get you hooked? What did you turn? No. It's not your turn like going to Harvard. I went by the Harvard, did you graduate? So if you just a student there, you don't get that diploma. What have you doing harm to go to Harvard for five years and not grant if hardwood kick you out if hard to provide the is just about for thirty nine planes and three drives and not get a touchdown. Normally they kick you off. That's what they got kicked twelve or nothing. How about let's get why you keep. Doing this. You ask me anything is it my turn deters show. Angra wait is the show over do. We have like two minutes left when I know because your guys deep in debt. Oh. Nanotubes up editing. In two hundred yards again. That's what he's doing. And guess what? Oh, he's by the new favorite target ozeki Elliott Dovid downhill hill, better get three yards here. Let him get four yards there. Bela's the Cowboys. A who we thought they were and you bought in my cab Wahabbi, I told you have the same energy not told you on Friday skip that energy that you've been coming into land. What we know those red bull. Am I Campbell worried about camera? How 'bout cowboy I heard work can't stand to worry? Go ahead. Because you wanna be able to do you can go ahead. How about them? I don't like being the person. I've said if the Cowboys Munaf, oh, you're patriots lose gonna come here. And that's not me, gene. Clearly. Hugh, head to toes..

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