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Laura higher on the mitch albom program nice day i had a thought i mean there's the rowing team there's volleyball team there's the debate team you know there's a lot of athletes that work really hard and they've been working hard all their life so i don't understand why it's always only about the football team where they get everything or the basketball team i mean there's a lot of athletes to work hard that's a good question and that's kind of the question i'm asking to you know the football team kenney says while the football team makes the money back but that's not the reason that these boosters are giving this money but they're not getting anything out of what the football team makes it's just there higher profile so it's like yeah cool i'm sending the football team mama hero to the football team but there isn't dissimilar hero to the lacrosse team were similar he wrote to the diving team and you know i i do think it's kind of unfair imbalanced and it it just shows the the over emphasis on sports and on football in particular cow at the college level i mean what is there not enough indulgence of football players they already have their own training facilities their own eating facilities their own special dorms they're they're flown back and forth they've got private tutors they it's not as if they don't have other things going for them and of course their scholarships the tuition is paid for so that again the big argument is that's enough or they need to be paid a salary at work during the summer and they can't go lead we're doing the summer they ought to go train they can't go anywhere doing school year let's work very can go on these semesters abroad wherever they can't do any of that work hard but nobody held a gun to their head to join the football team either eight seven seven forty four mitch stephanie on the mitch albom show hi i i'm very disturbed nowadays there's long time but no connection between actions and consequences now we're getting rid of the connection between actions and rewards what they go for it i somebody wants to do it for them that's basically it it jim harbaugh wants to take them on these trips again i think he thinks the to give him the benefit of the.

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