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Early to declare Mitch Stravinsky the sambo we of the NFL he makes Carson Wentz look like John Elway and Tom Brady because again you can't bring out Mr basically without pointing out what he was drafted before to Sean Watson Patrick my homes so he's going to get that he's going to have that pressure it's always going to be tag tomb isn't it absolutely and yeah we've seen enough the sampling size is there I don't need to see anymore MoveOn nothing to see here move along get yourself another quarterback because of bears fans deserve better they wasted this whole year though the defense wasn't as dominating as we thought it was earlier but they did with his entire year what a waste of the last couple years amid Stravinsky I need to figure that out a couple of entries Danny Trevathan didn't play tonight you lose the quarterback your defense that can be tough but not a pretty night for us well one Mister biscuit all and running back David Montgomery was active did played at the ankle apparently an injury from practice fourteen carries thirty one yards but the rams are missing three Lyman and two wide receivers they had three tight ends questionable it was just as ugly an offense of game on both sides as we expected I looked up to twenty seventeen draft you just mentioned miles Garrett taken number one overall there's move up to take Mitchell true biscuit number two overall NFL itself tonight after the game compare the career so far of true base ski who was taken to I saw this Patrick will homes tenth overall and John Watson twelfth overall Stravinsky's averaging two hundred yards passing a game Watson over two fifty a game and my home is three twenty per game I have and as far as number of touchdowns an interception so far in their careers Tribbett ski forty touchdowns about twenty interceptions what's in over sixty touchdowns about twenty interceptions and my homes over sixty touchdowns only fourteen internet you don't ask you know usually when they put stuff up like that everything is close to you like wow I didn't know everything was that close to you ever those years yet received right I'm going to go out of there they they went out of their way to make you look bad I've never seen that before work they go out like if somebody does four interceptions they don't say here's all the other quarterbacks of two four hitters subjects or something like that they went out of their way to make him look by the way you know who else was available in the top ten Christian McCaffrey was taken in that as well so move up and take Mitchell Jr biz ski and that is by far the worst of those three quarterbacks winning percentage passer rating all of that did you just to say to miss all job okay by the way as far as the true basic you can we still put it in air quotes injury tonight where he gets pulled for the final series is coach Nagy said be honest with how you're feeling and that I made the decision to take him out that's what he pulled her biscuit aside okay so it was always good after you made the decision to stop with the ball come on it was he was he had his place sheet over his mouth talking to him after the decision was made you're correct and then a two more quick wins here off the Twitter machine Arnie The Great opinar rights already how does it feel to have another we can where none of your football teams when you're wild cats dolphins even though the giants didn't play they would have lost two and what's the temp up there are we gonna lose you again like last night's great show what I know it's a little bit warmer were in the twenties and thirties like two degrees today so okay now did we lose you last night yeah he's out like a minute I you know rose out it's cold outside do you want I live in Vermont yeah and then Brandon writes I hope to make a full recovery as a red yesterday his draft stock will probably drop which means maybe my raiders will be in position to draft patriots may take him he gives service cars back up until car becomes ineffective great confidence there branded I I don't think cars going anywhere but Jon Gruden does enjoy collecting quarterbacks and they're moving to Vegas next year so I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past the raiders to be engine that'll be you know like by patriots take them you know some of the back of the Brady one Brady's done than calling it quits list when we come back to the geico five radio studios on I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you but yeah we're gonna talk to Benjamin Albright and been covers the NFL I still don't think I don't believe that you're going to see to a get out of the top fifteen but that's just my take right now it could come off and and shoot that to you know what so right we'll ask him next regarding plank on Fox Sports radio when news the next to last play of the Browns Steelers there's a huge fight on the field for the latest you're just waking up the big story where Fox Sports radio it is breaking this Justin we're here when news you can use voice in sports surprises can be fun like a late draft pick that becomes a star or a half court heave that wins the game we live for these kinds of moments in sports but when it comes to selling or trading in your car not so much no one wants to spend weekends meeting strangers for test drives only to have them flake at the last minute or get a quote online with little or no explanation of the numbers well now there's a.

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