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Oh Oh that's adorable but yeah I bet you. He rates a mean. Jingle who boy he wrote Jingles for companies like Mars bars. HSBC the Anti Kia. You can find the Ikya one all you have to do is youtube. A piece of furniture called Bush lump what S. C. H. L. O. M.. He this all checks slump Schwab and it's very darkness. The AD is ridiculous. I was really hoping that he had invented those fucking rats or the mice for the And is it KIA or Kia Kia cars or Kia cars the hamsters the hamsters. No those are too Glib. Yeah Yeah they're not his style style polished. You need something a lot there too. Cool now man. You gotta look if the swamp. It's it's very very very accurate. What you're thinking? I am very afraid of what would show up on google if I google slump actually like if you look up. I keep Sean Commercial. It's the first thing also. What if you put slump into the search bar on porn hub all right? Well I think we have to test how what I'm really looking forward to one. I'm a little scared of you're going to have to pick. Which one is which I think somebody? WHO's listening should push lump into the porn hub search bar? Just take screen shots. I just went screen shots. I WanNa know I was just. I don't want that On my browsing history. I I'll go going cognitive how we GONNA go to port of you always do for Porn corncob amateurs so sensibly Justin took his jingle earnings to help fund a debut album. He brought his jingles to the studio. He brought his studio and his jingles and now the darkness was ready to put in the work to make songs to grab the attention of industry types and get themselves that shiny coveted record deal just in how to manager for his jingle Biz named Jiggle busy. I didn't realize though it sounds ridiculous until I said it was like Jiggle. Biz Jangle Biz. I got into Gopez to sounds. Sounds fantastic like something. You'd find port hub okay. Somebody else needs yes. You put Jingle Biz. It's you aren't of search. I really wanted to how many people are doing these things by the way I hope everybody is I I do anyway. In her name was sue White House who was also for better or worse his girlfriend. I'm why is there a qualifier before that we mean like for better or worse. Yeah what does that mean. I don't know if it's smart to date your manager what I'm saying like I don't know if like your girlfriend and in your manager should be the same person I mean a grandma people but also no. Yeah I mean again though I don't I'm GonNa tell you right up front. I don't really know how exactly I can tell you. You know I will tell you how everything ends up. But I can't tell you the details of their relationship because then Justin is super secret of. Yeah so there's that but also don't shit where you eat. Don't shit where you eat. You know what just. Yeah don't yeah don't do it. The ban decided to take her on to handle their affairs as well as it helped. The CI already had industry connections to try to start to make a buzz in the industry about their music. I mean that helps to it. Does the only problem. No one cared about the darkness At best they had to labels Abel's slightly interested in signing them other than that people either assumed they were not a real band or we're just uninterested in what they're selling lame right. But this didn't stop the darkness from forging a path all their own their life shows became a thing of legend wearing tight. leotards doing leaps and jumps around the stage and generating high insane energy for days. These few things you could expect from one of their concerts no matter how big number how saw small you were going to get a big show. If you like still to this day you can probably expect that Yup this this helps them. Garner a fanatical fan base just on word of mouth alone so they hustled for a couple of years on the local pub circuit to gain more followers and to prove to the industry that they were for real and it was another rare case of hard work actually paying off. Finally they are getting more offers from legal contracts. Wchs Nick Raphael in an are for Sony Music. UK At the time was trying his best to get the darkness on their label but ultimately the boys went with Atlantic Atlantic records. And now it's two thousand three picture it. Oh I'm picturing K.. Two thousand three. It's time to release the album permission to land. Oh yeah the album came out with a single. Get Your hands off my woman which peaked at forty three in the charts parts but they still weren't gaining attention too far beyond their own circles which is crazy because not only does that song have the word motherfucker also has call. It also has granted con isn't such a bad word in the UK not but never played in the US. I believe they released it as a single in the US. Oh I don't think I don't know maybe they didn't. It just wasn't radio placing the didn't play on the radio. They definitely did not Um But yeah. They weren't even the. US didn't even know they existed. At this point. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's their story hit. Some Queen esque similarities. He's a gain. Thanks to a woman named Joe. Wylie a deejay at radio one in Britain who is enamored with the span sound. She played their songs on the station. Asian when others just shrugged it off and this helped to give the band the push they needed. Let's pupils started saying who's this band. They're great I want to hear more of their the music. Yeah so there you go be friends with the radio. Dj then came their next single. And if you think you know what it is you don't miss it's the song growing yes. Growing on me is so good really cute a cute little love song about quote a sweet lady. Eighty woman that you will never fully fathom or understand but you love her so much at after a while it doesn't matter it is not about as TD's like like a lot of people assume. Yeah they did but I also got the impression that it was about. Somebody who like won't leave you the fuck alone and is really obsessed with you you and you're like Nah but then eventually you're like well I'm kinda desperate so I guess maybe he can play both ways. Yeah that could see both ways. But it's not about Colombia so or lice. Actually I believe people were saying it's about pubic lice. Yup yes this single did chart up better in in the UK than their last peaked at number eleven but it still paled in comparison to their ultimate rock song. That came out next. Yep I believe in a a thing called Love Yup now. They had released the song in two thousand two before they were signed to a label. So only a certain certain amount of copies were made which made it ineligible to be able to make it onto any charts when they released it on their debut. LP It was a total All surprise to the rest of the world still because nobody really hurt never even charted. Exactly I feel so weird when I say charted charted because it sounds like chartres chart it sounds like sharp. Sounds like you're saying sharded I'M GONNA say shorted forbid any. Even short short short even knew nobody even knew about the shopping on the charts parts of chartres then it went to the top of the charts top of the charts making it to the top of the word twelve year old boys. Yeah that's fine. Welcome can't boy. You may think you're listening to adult women you know we talk about poop. The joke's on a new mother fuckers. Of course this became an immediate hit in the UK but in order to get the attention of US Americans across the pond and we were gonNA need something to catch her is like a music video because while Justin's amazing falsetto range in the band's slamming Guitar Solos. Those were big in England. Not so much of the time for Americans because I was thinking about this too if you remember some kind of monster took out all of the Tar wrestles Guitar Solos. Were not a thing in the early off. It was threat any of the ADS. I think it was still pretty into a new metal title right. Yeah we still unfortunately balls deep at least cubes deep into the new medal. Yep there were tickle tickle in our ball all pupae for share still slipknot was still a screaming at everybody's ball sack I do believe slipknot still screaming at some ball socks they are. You're a long damn them.

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