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Of my wife and try and support my family and my children as best i can't yoga later who repre senate oj simpson during his robbery trial simpson was granted parole he will be released as soon as october i in our chief legal analyst here at abc news and the founder of the legal blog law news that lives streams trials that abrams is here and what does oj simpson due to earn all this money that he owes the family of ronkko yeah he he's not going to be earning any money because the bottom line is any of that money then goes back to the to the goldman family who would now argued that he owes them they they believe with the interest accrued not just the thirty three million but actually up to over fifty million that they say he owes them so so i think that there's question one in which is how does he deal with daytoday in his life there will be restrictions parole restrictions a travel he will have to report to his parole officer if he wants to go somewhere alcohol who associates with he won't be able to associate with people with criminal records probably uh mm drugs weapons these are the sorts of things he's going to have to stay away from any living in a new world the new world is the world of smartphones window j simpson went to prison smartphones weren't everywhere and so suddenly the world is going to be watching the most famous parolee in america all the time and it's going to be people taking quick little videos of him on the golf course are saying something but it could also be that if he were at a signing making money everyone everyone ono and so it can't you know it'll be a lot harder for him to sort of hide if he tries to do the i was struck when he talked about taking a computer course in prison not because he doesn't know how to use a computer but he said he wanted to be able to communicate with his kids who don't pick up the phone but the respond to a text it is going to be clear that we forget how much our societies changed into nine years since o j simpson went to person.

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