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No. He should've. So what was your position when you were working there as a server? And then I know that like so much of the Johnny rockets back in the day, at least was like you were talking about how it's like fifties throwback, and they really embrace that for a time like they were really like, you had the, you showed me a picture of of you and your uniform last night. But like you had the old school hat the old school, like, you know, sort of fifties get up. We're there any like fifty specific job. I know you loved it, but what were the fifty specific job responsibilities? Like? I think just that I felt like a responsibility to be overly friendly, and because that's supposedly what things were like back then and obviously making milkshakes, you feel just burgers fries and milkshakes. Sure, present the fifties. And of course, the jukebox on the music, right? The music they played like was just made it like a happy place for me. Yeah, just nervous with this open wound on your end that you're gonna attract the. Meg. Blood gushing, we'll track the may leave leave the Pacific Ocean and which is in the movie lives under the Mariana trench. Okay. And it does. I mean, it's a she, right? I'm assuming this she the gotta fucking come. Like what twenty miles inland and California bleeding inside your apartment or believing so much. There's more going on elsewhere. Fucking sting. What I eat. So so like you're making milkshakes your slinging burgers, you're making catch up, happy faces. I assume. Of course, I'm drinking a lot of Oreo shakes. Do believe Johnny rockets makes the best Oriole milkshakes business. Yeah, that's another thing I was passionate about. There was the Oreo milkshakes. What was your when you when you dine there back in the day, maybe if you'd get like the the work meal, like what was your go-to burger fries and a milkshake and to this day, that's still like my happy meal or like my celebration meal. If ever I like or even if I need a pick me up, like that's what I go. I stopped eating meat last year in dairy. But like before that of burger fries, new shake is just like to me, that's the gold standard. There's nothing better. That's as good as it gets. We, let's let's talk eating, stopping meat and dairy real quick. What motivated that change? Okay. I watched the documentary. That turned everyone vegan last year, and I can't remember the name. Scary them the ring. No, not fooding. I can't remember the name of. It's just about it just made me go me and my parents watch it on July fourth of twenty seventeen. The three of us went. On July four meat holidays of the year. I can't remember the name of it now. What the health. And I've since then, I felt like I was getting really tired started eat red meat, like once a week. So that's kind of where I'm at and I eat fish as well now. Got it. So you don't dairy cut out like you cut out a. A beef chicken, all that. Yeah, for a year. And you still end red meat once a week of any poultry? No, I'm not. I never liked chicken. So when I watched this documentary and it talked so many negative things about chicken. I was like, I fucking don't even like chicken anyway. Why am I eating chicken? This chicken fit? And so now I'm done with chicken forever. Do we've talked about this on the podcast Ray, the quality of chicken can be really like, you can get. I got. I got this other another pita place, not pita, maybe it was Pizza Hut. No, it wasn't pita was it was different. It was different pita place, and I got chicken, and it was all like chew like feel like tendency chick like it was bad. It was fucking off. Yeah, you sometimes get that really just Janke shitty factory farm check and they know the animal just like. This is an awful situation. I mean, that's the thing I would say, like maybe from a. I certainly have not am not vegetarian by along strategy, but like I'd like from an harm reduction standpoint. I think there's a strong case to be made alike for eliminating poultry before beef or cutting down on volts because like the amount of chick the number of chickens who are just slaughtered is just like insane..

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