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But without coliseum didn't get a barn burner that night the philly did they got a hold them an x t takeover that was a barn burner we're going to talk about that with our guest come on right up johnny gargano johnny wrestling yeah and they got the row rumble and then they got ron's back down to the get everything but i'm not even gonna get runs back and we don't have time bird the big show at the joe we got john addressing we'd have talked but generosity risley week we too long whether how does that get these this young fellow an introduction to the is i think that they would say uh dave melt the heave got hit five tom match raden will from now on african rate match of johnny gargano where how many how many gargano of with this match it with it with full gog and i'll match it with a two gargano match that great kelly when it with a one gog latch that's what he would say lawyers johnny wrestling hazera jiang's from the podcast what really happened in case you didn't check out season one here's a clip from episode to the lone wolf with chris christie it's now wednesday three days into the traffic jam and the anniversary of nine eleven christie's at the memorial service in manhattan he is photographed and a group of three shouting in laughing the other two people wild scene and baroni wildstein would later say that he was updating the guvon the traffic and the governor would say he didn't recall this baroni would later say that he in wildstein were quote bragging about it to christy.

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