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He very, very rarely pulls it off. And I gotta say, I'm super excited now said Jason momoa being Jason momoa. No, it's peak, Jason momoa definitely. It seems like what's cool about mixing it up because I will say Snyder and Nolan has kind of had a choke hold on the DC series. It seems like it's only been them and that I think might have been part of the problem whether or no matter how you feel about their films, love him or hate him. You gotta admit that, like the reason they all bleed together is because you've only had. Two people touching it. So to have these two new directors kind of with their, I mean, the last time we have a new director, cough cough, Patty Jenkins, like it was a smash hit. It's not even the say that necessarily Snyder or or Nolan is bad. I mean, Nolan has like the definitive Batman movie trilogy. But when you are letting just two directors do all of the movies, they bleed together because every director has their own style when you splash in some Patty Jean some chains, Juan, Patty? Yeah, James, you know, it'll, it'll mix it up. And when you do get that dark DC, it'll pop because of that and it just, you know, you just can't put a whole bunch of iceberg lettuce in a salad. You need some tomatoes. You need some carrots, you need some onions, and that's what what's going to make a good salad. And I think that's been the difference. And why it seems like kind of like marvel took the lead because from the jump marvel had so many hands in so many different parts of their salad where we're finally getting to the. Other parts of the DC salad. So I'm really excited to see what they came from where they're coming from, and it seems like they're going to pass the torch, and you'll see what I mean in just a second. Well, I did want to say Gail Simone, who noted comic book writer, but also for wonder woman specifically. She actually tweeted and was like, so was DC the winner of the con because it feels like that. I almost thought it was a joke. I mean, the answer I often foremost is yes, but also DC was running against no one because we didn't have marvel. Star Wars didn't really have a presence in besides that all the other brands free matatus tablet series. So I do think they won, but they had no one really up against them. I hear you, but it's still could have been horribly received, you know their other trailers in their exams. But instead everyone seemed to get very excited about them. So yeah, they've, they've definitely did good. You know, because because you're right, d DC could have just been by themselves and still lost the con- you know, but they are constantly talking about they did come out with the dope trailers and all you heard about wishes monarchic, man, I was talking about this earlier. I think on candy dinner because we were wondering why marvel isn't coming out with anything because there isn't a d twenty three that year because that's usually why marvel kind of holds their reveals. And I came to the conclusion. It's because marvel can't talk about anything without spoiling the next Infinity war. Because if you think about it, we have one movie, then Infinity war. Anything we'd see behind that is gonna kill it. I mean, just literally anything because every movie you talk about confirms that that person lives. So to keep what the lure of Infinity war you cannot show some of the people. Are we death? No, they have three contract deal. Three part of Jolla end. Peter Parker when I feel like people like, I don't want to call them plebs, but rag folks aren't checking in on that. The still think even like I don't wanna say my mom, but like I feel we'll say my older brother because he doesn't really follow this stuff. I feel like he at least would be like, oh, no eight. He that Peter Parker, that new one only got one film. He's probably going to get a couple more. Oh, yeah, I don't even feel like that's a spoiler I just feel like that's common math is those newer characters that they just introduced that made the millions are probably not getting killed off, but to move on to glass was another trailer that dropped m night Shamlan who I have a little story here..

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