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Gets New Jersey fast traffic. It looks like they've made some progress on route eighty in the westbound direction, we had an overturned vehicle and Patterson right around exit fifty eight, but it's quickly been cleared out of the way. So we are still thinning out a bit in the westbound direction, but it is getting better as you head out towards route twenty in Paterson elsewhere state Parkway, still looking good top to bottom really had no issues on the jersey turnpike all night doing okay as make the trip up and down to eighty seven. Now, it looks like better news and Princeton as well. We did have some down wires onto oh six. They had that shut down for quite some time right around province line road. But it looks like those wires have been cleaned up. So getting word of sixes now reopened in Princeton, not bad at all. If you're leaving New Jersey, I really just about a ten minute wait at the Holland tunnel. From the one in nine approach better off the turnpike. Lincoln looks good and no waiting either deck GW bay. This report. Sponsored by unbound dot org. A girl in Kenya. Dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community. You can reach out change their world. That'll change your own unbound dot org. Traffic every fifteen minutes. Next report ten eighteen I'm Jeff from New Jersey. What a one point five. New Jersey one zero one point five makes your smartphone. Even smarter. Absolutely tweet. So you could listen anytime, anywhere and your jersey news, traffic and instant weather on demand. Plus, call into your favorite show submit a photo. More shares on Facebook search for New Jersey one point five and your app store and get a free fast. And now, hey, they'll speedier have you already given up on your New Year's resolution to lose weight. Have you struggled with your weight for so long? You know what? Now, it's time to stop struggling.

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