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Hundred Newsmax. Bad. Good. Can't seem to escape back engine. There was collusion with chopper. Let's go to the phones. Juliet Huddy I help in the queue is Glenn in Garfield. Welcome the WABC Glenn Curtiss. I got a couple of points. Maybe this whole thing was a setup by the feds and the democratic politicians calling himself said that Trump was not a seasoned politician. And that's why he got a call me was able to get away with a lot of things that he did call me came out with the second time about Hillary Clinton. They said because the lower guys and FBI we're going to say say stuff about him knowing stuff, and he kept it a secret also to maybe call me and rod Rosenstein had it set up because Rosenstein, gave him a letter that said, it's okay to fire. Call me. Now, they set them up the fire. Call me he fires, homey. You know that void. Glenn? That's quite conspiratorial. There are a lot of pigs almost like Gallegos. Yeah. Connect the dots. All right. We're not going to rule it out. I mean, you can't rule anything. Right. We gotta wait the Russia. Will we will find out if it is indeed a witch hunt? Let's go to Larry in Brooklyn. Welcome the Kurdish and Juliet Huddy on WABC. Yeah. Could if you just want to say, you know, when Juliet starts mentioning a white man in play the race card shows how desperate leftists thought. Okay. First of all, I'm not a leftist the race. You don't know what you're talking about? Because I'm not a leftist. I'm actually an independent I'm right in the middle. And by the way. Give the details. Larry because the recent statistics from the FBI themselves show that it remains far less diverse than the population that it's drawn from sixty seven percent of the agents are white black agents make up a lower percentage of special agents than they did when there was a discrimination lawsuit filed back in the nineties down from five point three percent to four point four percent. I can go on and on and on you, Iran. And I'm giving you facts, I'm not giving you opinion. This is fact, right? But but the fact is right. It was about a black agency. You would never say something. What are you talking about giving you statistics from the agency that did it? I hate I don't like Trump. It has nothing to do you talking about? I give you a distinct definitive examples of exactly what is going on with the FBI how everybody in the FBI. Roma. But we we we have a movie we can rely on. What who is it that went to FBI headquarters to go through training Jodie Foster? Right. Very good. My god. That's true. Right after that. All of a sudden she revived the career of who in the puppet movie. The puppet. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Virulent anti Semite. You know, that everybody said could should not have a place in Hollywood, forty shed come on. I'm talking about really survived. The biggest box. Oh of all time. Wait, not peewee Herman though. As different peewee Herman think shoot 'em up. Walk him Sokhom macho Braveheart Mel Gibson. Jess, don't you. Remember, she had them in the puffing movie. Remember, he had a hand puppet. Don't now. I have no idea what you're talking. I I don't see movies though. There is a problem. See the guy just say one thing about that last call. That's the problem. You just assume that because I don't like Trump that I'm some left-winger. It's just not true. And it's just it's ignorance you complete ignorance. I'll tell you need to I see Jodi foster. She became FBI is this movie that you're talking I have no option when she tried to revive his career after his anti-semitic. Oh, the hand puppet. I don't know. She produced some somebody new. I'm telling a hand puppet. Putin strong get it get it. This is a Bloomberg. Mel Gibson Jodie. Hold on. Right now. Let's get on news headlines in updates njdiet.

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