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Grand carlo stretchered off the ice he went down in the near corner with a zamboni comes on and off down to our left yeah i don't know if that it may have just been because they're right next to the zamboni doors from sort of helping them all the way across the ice to get to the bench and then have to walk knocked down to the lock on from there his left leg is left ankle is really got turned look like his knee initially i just saw it again his his look like moore's ankle you know the toll got dug into the ice and now left leg was going into benton a position that it shouldn't a bit heart attack either way just the hits just keep coming lots nash here today carlo got injured on the last game of the season last year concussion was unable to play in the playoffs nine thirty two left here in the third bruins with a five one lead two to one at the end of one five one at the two two more games remaining with the florida panthers one will take place next week down at florida and then the last one will take place here at td garden the very last game on the nhl season that's the makeup game from the first nor'easter that swept through here it early january i don't have an answer i show my no the answer would that gay pass to be clayton closer with my i guess that would be my guess as well panthers are at home against buffalo the day before bruins play the panthers on thursday on sunday one the nearside bruins zone here's barkat hill fire over to the firewall still got some time left carlo off the ice riley nash got hit with a puck inadvertently by tori crew in the second period so the bruins down a couple of skaters and we'll see the forecast for bowl especially carlo moving ahead there's a chance for marshon passed to far in front of him lewanda will keep the play alive pushed it over to the far corner are shammas gone that time the past just did connect sick of great you try to find him deep up the metal wide open and the puck sent into the bruins zone offside by the florida panthers we gotta stop with a twenty nine left here in the third bad saving money on car insurance has been geico's goal for over seventy five years so after the game get a quote at geico dot com geico so easy a.

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