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Market place market place's supported by personal capital you can download the personal capital apt to help you plan for retirement and see all your financial accounts in one place and PI C. three dot ani the software suite for digital transformation using artificial intelligence and I. O. T. to solve previously unsolvable business problems learn more and see three dot AI and by staples with printers printer ink and toner cartridges for home and business and in store print shops for customized presentations booklets and manuals more it's stable stores are staples dot com staples you're listening to market place here on ninety point three K. AZ you were online all the time at K. easy you dot org and we're always on the man twenty four hours a day seven days a week on your mobile device support for Casey you come from hospice giving foundation helping people prepare for medical emergencies and end of life at two workshops on advance care planning January twenty second and twenty third registration at hospice giving dot org slash workshops we also received support from sweet Elena's bakery and cafe serving morning pastries lunch fare and made to order espresso drinks Monday through Saturday sweet Elena's bakery and cafe on Olympia Avenue in St city stay tuned for more of market place followed by the world at six and fresh air at seven right here on ninety point three K. A. Z. you.

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