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The home of the huskies komo news coming up on komo news after a._b._c. ryan harris with the last minute claims of innocence from the man now guilty of murdering a young couple from canada decision from the company that makes police body cameras for much of the country when it comes to facial recognition technology plus an update on aaa traffic and weather how the u._s. women are doing in france in the quarter-finals of the world cup and how wall street ended the week that's coming up at one fifty first we go live to a._b._c. news komo news time one thirty white behind bars for an vowed white supremacist convicted of federal hate crimes james alex fields drove his car into protesters and charlottesville virginia killing heather higher and injuring more than two dozen others in thousand seventeen fields apologized before he was sentenced assistant attorney general eric dry band says fields this whole community any harm our country to despicable racial violence fields is due to be sentenced next month on state charges including first degree murder dreamers will be on the docket at the supreme court next term the justices agreeing to hear the trump administration's bid to end the obama era program known as dhaka which shields hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who came to the u._s. children police in the dominican republic say they've arrested the alleged mastermind behind the shooting of retired red sox slugger david ortiz police there also are now saying they've nabbed another suspect at sea trying to get to puerto rico ortiz remains hospitalized in boston a mall street today stocks finished slightly higher i'm scott goldberg a._b._c. news komo news one thousand ninety seven seven good afternoon komo news time one thirty one i'm taylor van cise top stories from the komo twenty four seven newscenter a now convicted killer maintains his innocence to the end come ryan harasses at the snohomish county courthouse with reaction to the verdict in the nineteen eighty-seven murders of a young canadian couple the voice of a convicted murderer william earl talbot the second found guilty by a jury for the murders of eighteen year old tanny van kyla borg under twenty year old boyfriend jay cooke that verdict the result of blood and handprint evidence as well as d._n._a. run through genetic genealogy website which helped detectives narrow suspects down to talbot tenure van kylian borg's brother john calls the last few days unique experience as they worried the jury might not give them justice recognizing the jury needs time to think through as these started to take on particularly this morning i was getting a little nervous where things are going obviously fantastically readable to do their jobs it was tough case talbott was found guilty of the murders aggravating circumstances so he'll face a life sentence when he returns to court july twenty fourth in everett ryan harris komo news the company that makes police body cameras for departments across the country says it will not incorporate facial recognition technology and it's law enforcement devices because of serious ethical concerns details from komo's carleen johnson two years ago the c._e._o. of acts on rick smith's at artificial intelligence would dramatically benefit policing we've established a team of about twenty artificial intelligence and machine vision researchers now the arizona company whose body camera unit is based in seattle is citing those serious ethical concerns about the current capabilities of the software following a recommendation from an ethics board that the company launched on artificial intelligence and policing about a year ago they delivered a forty two page report and in it the seattle times says they concluded facial recognition technology isn't reliable enough to be used on body worn cameras mostly because it has less chance of being accurate when it comes to those with darker skin amazon has said it plans to continue selling its facial recognition software governments but have also said they welcome federal education that limits the misuse of the technology carleen johnson komo news the national rifle association and second amendment foundation are no longer plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the city of men's new rules about firearm storage that leaves Three private residence as plaintiffs. But Dave workman with the second amendment foundation says the organizations will continue to fund the legal challenge, and they're confident they'll win. really not too much how to mandate health somebody stores of firearm is whether or not this is allowed under state preemption and i don't think i don't think it is an all state preemption law means only the state can regulate firearms not cities or other jurisdictions in the meantime on monday safe storage laws take effect statewide as part of initiative sixteen thirty nine coming up on komo seven thirty seven software problems not limited to the max i'm corwin hake with reports of glitches on earlier versions i aaa traffic.

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