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Um, it went into a former restaurant and pizza cottages out at Buckeye Lake and out on the East side, so that one and then I go back to my old childhood favorite, which was to not have to do not. It's okay. Those are all really good. And that new pizza cottage that's on 23 there across from the Super Walmart, right? That's what you're talking about. Yeah. Up. They have They have a Ruthie's way sub and they've got Pasta dishes and their pizza and, oh, it's really good, and they all have a distinct different flavors. So you know, it's kind of like, which one am I in the mood for? So those four, though, are my my go to? Yeah, I passed that every night on the way home. And I have yet to try that yet, But now I'm going to But, Cheryl, thank you. Have a great evening. Thanks. You too. Yeah, it's National Pizza Day. So what's your favorite? Ryan? Tell me what your favorite pizzas. No, Please don't tell you I go the luminosity. There's one of those in my freezer right now In the shape of a heart of my wife brought for me. Oh, man, That's cool. You can order that online and then But right here in the in Bexley in town, Harvest pizza does a fabulous wood fired pizza. Um It is. It is amazing. Give those guys props that use a lot of local vendors and Farmers for their toppings. But harvest pizza in Bexley is fabulous. And then when I travel out East The cold toppings at the Carlos Wheeling around that West Virginia, Ohio Valley area If you've never had the pizza Square style, with the cold topping Carlo's eyes. Fabulous. Oh, that's interesting. So harvest and to Carlos, Okay, Very good, Ryan. Thanks, brother. I appreciate it. All right, so, yeah. If the line becomes available 8 to 1 W T V in 1 816 W.

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