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But it is not so simple and El Paso residents. Find themselves having to constantly refute. The claim Monica or teaser as journalists in El Paso and a native of the city. She's lived the story as well. As reported on it. It depends where in El Paso where you visit. There is a neighborhood that butts up right along the US Mexico border in El Paso that neighborhood is called she. Well, we thought it's one of the oldest in the city and people there say that the border wall has helped make their neighborhoods safer before the wall was constructed. People could easily run across the dry bed of the Rio Grande into the neighborhood and cross back into Mexico. The residents who live there said that there was a problem with the with burglary sometimes assaults their laundry would get stolen off the line or a bike would go missing. And there were gang. Things in in Mexico that sometimes crossed over and this is documented by police. So the wall has proven to be effective in highly urban concentrated areas, but where it loses effectiveness is in more rule in less populated areas before the wall Monica what was the reality about crime in El Paso like in the urban part of El Paso. Well, I mean studies have shown that immigrant communities tend to be safer. Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than US citizens and El Paso is a city of immigrants going back from its very beginnings often people confuse El Paso with its neighboring city in Mexico City that s and that city has been among the more violent in Mexico about a decade ago when there was a brutal drug war going on in Ciudad Juarez, the Texas governor. Governor Rick Perry, then said that a car bomb had gone off in El Paso, when it had actually gone off in see the what is so even our own governor has confused the safety record of Al Paso with its sister city in Mexico Monica's, I said, you're also a resident of El Paso, what's your life like there? I mean as far as a border town goes do you go out at night with no worries these days have you ever been scared in El Paso, and if you have why I have lived in El Paso, all my life. My grandparents immigrated here from Mexico back in the forties, and my family has remained in the same neighborhood ever since they came over and I often go out at night. So does my family. We don't really worry very much about our safety in all Paso. What's this moment? Kind of been like with the president saying these things that a lot of people in El Paso, just feel are not true. It's just a this was a false claim. That he had made in the past many residents. Here have spoken out to debunk that claim because they know that Al Paso has been ranked as one of the safest cities for years and years now even prior to the construction of the border fence, and it's a claim that's easily debunked by simply looking at FBI statistics in the city and looking at these studies that show. Yes. Immigrant communities are far safer last weekend. Residents in El Paso got together and held a protest from downtown El Paso, right up to the US Mexico border, and they all came out in solidarity against Trump's immigration policies and against further construction of a border fence. Monica Ortiz or EBay is a journalist and also a resident of L Paso, which is where she joined us from. Thanks, very much Monica. Good to speak with you. Your welcome. San Antonio, Texas is more than one hundred miles from the border. But you find two large immigrant detention centers near their both of them designed for families. When those detained migrants are released. They're taken to the big city dropped off in San Antonio. So that's where to California's psychotherapists spend their vacation time, Julie small of K Q E D in San Francisco explains. Why? Alesia crews and Chris Mullin have worked together for decade and see clients and offices right next to each other back in San Francisco here in San Antonio. They're getting ready to offer counseling to families in the most unlikely place the greyhound bus station. It's a chilly morning as they drive from there. Airbnb to the station. It's Christie's first time here. Elisa's volunteered twice before. It's not a twist.

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