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Or the joint comprehensive plan of action would have been the best way to achieve that cholera congressman Scott Tipton thinks president Donald Trump knows what he's doing when it comes to Iran no one wants to be able to have a war but we do need to be able to get a random back in to working with the other nations rather than being prime sponsor of terrorism chip that was a part of that intelligence briefing yesterday on the situation and we're gonna be talking to said excuse me Republican Scott Tipton coming up at seven twenty four this morning Colorado's red flag law took effect on new year's day it was used by Denver police January second when asked a judge to let them take two guns away from a guy involved in a domestic dispute the law allows police family and household members to petition the courts to temporarily take guns away from people they deem at risk caller to parks and wildlife this is likely that a pack of wolves is running area northwest Colorado the agency releasing photographs yesterday showing at dead out having been shredded by whatever attacked it C. P. W. says the discovery shows that wheels can find sustainable habitat in Colorado when there was a ballot measure to reintroduce wolves to Colorado was recently certified by the secretary of state the Royals are all of us I'm sure this morning prince Harry along with Duchess Meghan Markle and son Archie are coming to North America and leaving behind many of their real duties and BC rail contributor Camilla too many says that announcement came as a big shock what we know is that the queen wasn't informed that the statement was being released and I understand that I've been told by inside is that there's a lot of deep Hutton disappointment at what has happened prince Harry in Dutchess Meghan will step down they say from their senior royal rolls and plan to spend more time in Canada coming up on Colorado's morning news the conflict with Ron issues in the Middle East from an international law perspective let the conversation with an expert next year drive right now as we check in again with John Morris it is a pretty crowded drive just about no where Marty looks like your drive all the north that we had a great something like twenty five and the year yeah that that.

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