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We observe June team alongside millions of other Americans. It's a one hundred fifty five year old holiday commemorating the day enslaved African Americans learned of their freedom on this day June nineteenth in eighteen sixty five major. General Gordon Granger of the Union army arrived in Galveston Texas and informed the enslaved black population that the civil war had ended, and slavery had been abolished eighteen, sixty five. That's over two years after president. Lincoln's emancipation proclamation took effect. Texas on the other confederate states ignored the proclamation, and in doing so submitted enslaved African Americans to thirty extra months of uncompensated labor and inhumane treatment this. This day the day honoring the reinstatement of freedom that should have never been taken away the day that freedom was lawful, and yet still withheld represents many Americans, the difference between the ideals of the American dream and the reality for black people in this country, the June team holiday has largely been observed by the US black population wall, and efforts to make June Tiv a national holiday have fallen short in Congress as twenty twenty, though forty seven states and the District of Columbia have all passed legislation recognizing June Tepe as either a state holiday or a day of observance this year. Corporate America is also making president. Several large companies are honoring the day as a paid holiday for employees, Google. Uber General Motors Ford J. P. Morgan Nike and others are observing team today CNBC reporter Gene Wells reported today from once center of Commerce. That's also marking this special day. All the dockworkers at all twenty nine West Coast ports, including here at the largest largest port complex in the country are taking an eight hour work stoppage today for June teeth and up at the port of Oakland, where the local is seventy five percent black. They are going to have a a march and a caravan as local President Trent. Willis says there is systemic racism at times still even within the Union we've had <hes> incidents of hanging nooses. That we sense addressed. And just just here and there we've had some some evidence of systemic racism. Showing its ugly head. Here, where we work every day, Corporate America is all in on this saying that June teeth will be paid permanent holiday including target, which will pay working employees, today, time and a half. Other companies are still open, but canceling meetings like Amazon, which will offer workers, a variety of opportunities online to reflect on the day and GM where in many plants the work will continue, they will stop for eight minutes and forty six seconds in recognition of the death of George. Floyd one note about the ports guys in this union dockworkers are allowed one work stoppage a month. They are all happening to take it together today

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