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And kill the baby and shoot the family dog. This guy is heartless and calculated with his murder. Sheriff Judd says an 11 year old girl was found with seven gunshot wounds and was transported to the hospital. Another child of the family was found safe at a relative's home, Judd says. Riley is a former Marine and has no criminal history. And there is no relation between the victims and the gunman. Law enforcement found blood stop kids and first aid kids inside. The gunman struck and say he had multiple weapons. A cruise ship is headed to New Orleans with relief supplies after the area was hit by Hurricane Ida. The Grand Classic A cruise ship sailed from the port of Palm Beach yesterday, carrying supplies and housing rooms for hundreds of utility crew members working to restore power. The Grand Classical is expected to arrive in New Orleans on Tuesday and stay for a month. A woman in Orange County is stabbed to death after a fight with her roommate, according to deputies, 79 Year old Thelma Atterbury got into an argument with her roommate 76 year old Suzanne Dickens. On Saturday. Atterbury is facing a first degree murder charge. A major triathlon is happening today in cocoa athletes are running, biking and swimming in river from park. Race coordinator Willie Savoy tells Fox 35 participants are happy to race again after it was cancelled last year due to Covid. People are just so grateful to be here. Everybody is happy to put their masks on when they need to the race was kept at 250 participants in order to be able to follow covid protocols with Florida's news. I'm Jessica Baron Americans being held.

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