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They don't have a political workplace bone in their entire body so just to get over that. Hoop that that obstacle say it's okay to advocate for yourself and here's how you go about doing. Awesome. I know I happen to know that you're very very involved with women's initiative at the Chamber and you are actually the chair of the women's initiative roundtables about that program could get a little plug and tells and absolutely love to. You know I've had a long history now with the Northern Kentucky. Chamber, even though I do live on that other side of the river. That! You talk about. We're stronger together right now closed here. you know I started doing the very first. Summit speaking at that I've been the keynote for the shore to shore event, which is regional. was also part of the on the road series that we did before it. It kind of went by the wayside, and then I became the chair of the round. And if women are not familiar with the appear roundtables, they are missing out on a huge opportunity. These are small. All five to seven member groupings very intimate where they can do any number of things they can have their own personal board of directors for their their career. They can have a place to vent though we do discourage whining. We can have an opportunity to really professionally developed because we offer our resources, speakers and special events for the round tables, and it's so simple to get involved. If woman is already a member of the chamber all she has to go to the website Click on service events, and would it be services Jeremy? Services their album, services. Click on women's initiative in the peer to peer roundtables right there. She will see an application. Fill out that application. Send it in, and we will get you help up asap. We'll speak in hooking up. Where can people find you if they're interested in learning more behind yield success already well, the best way is.

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