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Feared now they do of great sense so that so that when you start to starve to interrupt the i can just got a and you'll just doumbia leave it so in his so he didn't god oldest saudis bays not as dumb as we thought where just week in she said i see this all the time people love their dogs too much nieto and there's there's there's got to be a chain of command there's no boundary known as yeah and the reason that he barks that everyone us he's trying to protect us we need to let him know it's okay we don't need protection we got this since you don't fully people say of catch that they don't you know that they don't pay any attention to what you say or do any at all ever but it's not really a true you know a very seldom do i see my cats get up on the counter you can whitecaps like to do which is why i don't like him but if i i see them abut wh every once in a while i've seen one of the catch and ugo hey hey hey in and the cat immediately and drums down on the floor now i know one no one's home they get out there all the time ago not here i'll do what i wore yeah but you try leave it with a cat and academy like getting what they do what makes you think i will die a hair's delighted it's true they're like teenagers crash southbound i fifteen if i it fifteen collector who left lane is closed their crash eastbound riverdale road at eighty four this is up in weaver county where there are also problems on wall avenue in second street there's a crash there and it looks like that is bad it that's traffic now you know sean means was here and he was talking about saw some.

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