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Not this coming weekend but sounds fun yeah it'll be a lot of fun to good trial we've got south bay working dogs in california doing a training day on may fifth and six all this stuff is on our website for psa all the events that are up there we got trials coming up in in may and in alberta account and calgary alberta canada texas we've got vents in in may in south africa we've got benson may in massachusetts got psa decoy campuses a big one may twenty six twenty seven and massachusetts in boston mass working dogs machine shop canine or putting that on so that's those are those are some of the things coming up in the next couple of months and then you know i'll be doing a decoy seminar in this'll be police canines arlington heights illinois the twenty four th through the twenty six of this month as that closed off the public i it sort of you know buy in writers billion you know if you approach me and the pencil you are not a wack job you know probably let you come so there you go upon successful background guys out so some of the some of the other trips i got going on all be in malaysia next month doing some training with robin gone from real canine in malaysia also we're looking for doing a decoy camp there in trenton decoys and police work and also introducing psa there at the end of male be at moody air force base in highest deployment seminar there and then in canada sean and i'll be there in june on the sixteenth and the seventeenth doing that psa seminar that's that's also up on the website you can check that out will while we're they're also going to the canadian police canine association and doing a presentation for the canadian police canine association.

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