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A. show you can also listen to home and home as well they're very cool Ross always good to catch up a man thanks so much for doing it throughout the entire season absolutely okay Rostock our guest this morning here on the show now lie you will say I want to primarily just keep drilling down of the game people tuning in this morning they want the game you only catch our listeners know traditionally a radio for maybe fifteen twenty minutes they need to hear about the game so I don't wanna get often to detain just today people come here for the game but bold sh today is the start of Marasmius dietary boot camp huh and I just want this added to the update morass is eaten his breakfast this morning okay it's part of a six foot hero okay so that's the start of boot camp that's the first meal yes all of dietary boot camp six four hero protein let us the middle it's it's all right so the second heck up of the day second because there was already a mention of probably gonna miss the GM okay okay yeah got it yes that was so hot so boot camp off to a rousing start we are all we we go now anytime you could slap meets on top of meets the body body just I want to know how big was the slice of fear of the day it was a regular hero slice you would have a party okay and it was filled with cold cuts behind lettuce and tomato so first here tell me first meal of the boot camp this is the first meal out of the blocks is this is a hero for breakfast a hero sandwich yes yeah okay it's left work rollout was people my house yesterday was left over all right I do need to be in the store I watch my calories there is one piece I don't have a big ship it under two thousand dollars but but may well French fries involved show wanted to protein lettuce tomato and on to Seoul lots of bread lot of card lot of red that's why every now and also what you but awake for hours only slow right now words when it's not like I got it I was sleeping so your bill I'm Bob alright well we have the rest of the day if this is the only TV fourteen more for you to hear you don't know no boss on a diet bring us the hero lead lead I guess I did I want to get to the search out the **** right up there my sister made lovely brown so you're also that you brownies today for everybody in the cookies D. A. R. member the rules I took care of everybody how many slices of mashed potato pizza did you eat I had one mashed potato sliced one chicken Bacchus lice I mean we could run off what I had later but that that was the base okay probably two thousand calories right there that was the base like defense three PC here all last night as well that was the base like that's your first couple of draft picks as you build the foundation I guess we offer the fact of core pieces the core for rate that kind of build around major focuses in their headlines good morning entered the a good morning so I have suffered from this confusion as well but I've usually checked Kansas or Missouri before talking or tweeting and I'm not the president which helps as well but you might have noticed that president trump to tweet last graduation chief quote representing the great state of Kansas so very well no matter where you stand in his politics he must have been there at some point in time to stomp to campaign to do a rally to do something right I I don't know I don't know if it's like this simple thing it's like the thirty eighth biggest city of his is the country that he represents and in my experience was in Kansas city Kansas didn't realize how had was not there yeah but it seems like in you would know this better when you're wondering if it's Missouri or Kansas into usually Missouri yes Kansas city Missouri proper it's all in Missouri I mean the stadiums are in Missouri the downtown of Kansas city is in Missouri it is on the border of Kansas and Missouri obviously but the part of kids see that it's in Kansas is mainly like few industrial park sits it's not much better than this piece is that Missouri didn't want you have exactly the entire population base of Kansas city proper rise obviously in Missouri now there's a lot of suburbs a very nice suburbs in Kansas but it is Kansas city Missouri Casey mall that's the first stupid just put New York City New Jersey what did they do that to those people well because it's not that hard for them for me trying to pass a geography class and as we know it had been a while since Kansas and were Missouri could celebrate the snap he's just gonna throw it long for DaMarcus Robinson it is never used.

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