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Out cars I'm Luke Luke How an area dad It's my favorite thing in the world to do Became a TikTok superstar I'm Mike Murillo News time 5 31 The U.S. and Russia today exchanged some of their sharpest public rhetoric in years during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council The situation we're facing in Europe is urgent and dangerous The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield spoke fortunately at a UN Security Council meeting as she called on Russia to deescalate tensions with Ukraine It's estimated that more than 100,000 Russian troops have amassed along the country's border with Ukraine Russia pushed back against that number during Monday's meeting and repeatedly denied it plans to attack The Crown and moss remember that Ukraine is ready to defend itself Ukraine's envoy called for diplomacy Even as its military prepares for possible invasion adding to those fears is the surge of Russian troops and equipment into neighboring Belarus for military exercises That report from CBS's Skyler Henry Security correspondent JJ green joined us earlier to talk about what's next in the Russia Ukraine saga President Biden said that this was an opportunity for the world to speak with one voice So now British prime minister Boris Johnson is going to head off to Ukraine to speak with volodymyr zelensky the president of Ukraine but he's also going to talk with the president or at least officials from Russia to try to get them to step back So there's going to be more diplomacy Keep in mind tomorrow is the 1st of February the Olympics start in a couple of days There doesn't seem to be any real appetite on Russia's part to engage in any kind of invasion before the end of the month So there's more time for diplomacy JJ green Three 32 now A COVID-19 vaccine that has been in full use in the U.S. for more than a year under emergency use authorization has just one full regulatory approval The FDA says it has fully approved the first two shots of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine Branded as spike vex following a careful review of the safety efficacy and manufacturing of Moderna's first two doses for adults We're expecting to learn more soon about the approval at a meeting of the CDC's outside vaccine advisers who are expected to reconvene to vote on updated recommendations just like they did after Pfizer and BioNTech's comrade vaccine one full approval last year And that was CBS News reporter Alexander ten other potential vaccine authorizations expected in the coming months include the possibility of vaccinations for children under 5 a third shot for some Johnson & Johnson recipients and a possible new vaccine platform from novavax Now getting vaccinated and boosted against coronavirus is no longer required for students faculty and staff at George Mason university President Gregory Washington says nearly 93% of the campus community is vaccinated and the positivity rate from testing is down to 2.4% Because of these factors and Virginia attorney general Jason meares opinion that public universities can't require COVID shots school has now dropped its vaccination requirement Washington says if positivity rates remain consistently below 4% the school will also consider lifting its mask requirements Friday March 4th And we are just learning about vaccine requirements at Virginia tech as well in a letter from president Tim sands He says the university will no longer require students to be vaccinated as a condition of enrollment there masking in public health protocols though remain fully in place It's 5 34.

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