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They say the nation episode 84 you can celebrate valentines days do you asked wednesday covered greece greece agreed with romance is off hello this break the nation where we talk about who's we're talking about politics and worries frame about our inability to impose meaning all guncontrol i'm your host the game far assad and i am really every because we are totally fucking useless country it another hour we're going to talk about the shooting in florida were going to talk about predators in the white house to school keep it light guys and then we'll aliens verse predator his report darko here late aliens oh hey how many illegal aliens would remain at that would be people are not illegal we'd i dropped the i would i was i was a part of the campaign to drop the i wear it and then from the new york times of the iword so again i re i made up i can video about it fits undocumented aliens as we'll also talk about south africa today just the entire country will to talk about the whole thing in everything we know about it will all be and not one that today i'm really excited about the lineup pierre of fantastic panelist here fake the nation for the very first time but guys probably not the last unless he completely fox up today and is like a total died which is doubtful he was overwriting frederick he is the coho's reason i know that he's going to be it is because he's the coast of the extremely wonderful podcast unorthodox it is the official podcast of the jewish people in its sole wonder i've been on it i've always had a run time you guys always say wonderful things and i'm not even jewish and i find it to be a delightful podcasts at one should that miss its leo leaflet shalom lille labor vets adding to say i started like singing molest names urban barker.

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