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Thank you so much for joining us on Wait, Wait. Don't tell me what a joy to talk to you. The joy has been mine. Thank you all so very much for having me. Bye bye. Finally, there used to be a time when we would fantasize about traveling to other worlds or having superpowers. These days. We just dream about being able to go outside. Kelli Edwards is living the dream. She's an explorer scuba diver, adventurer and host of mysterious islands on the travel channel. Peter asked her if she had to give up travel during the pandemic. I actually have not because I'm also a pilot, and so I have not been stuck at home because I have capabilities of taking myself right like to go take me with you. You let's go to Catalina. We'll take it. We'll take the C plane. Well, scuba dive near the arcade there. Come on, You know it's going to actually learn to dive in Catalina, because you're a diver to I'm a diver's Well, I am a bond girl, Laura Cross Off double 07 in real life, So whatever you guys want to do, let's do it. How did you get interested in being basically an adventurer? Well, I started taking road trips with my parents at a very, very young age and I when I started to look at the world and watching that geo and travel channel in all this, I'm like, Oh, I should go to these places. So there are a lot of us who would just save up the money to get an economy class ticket. You decided you would actually learn to fly and fly yourself. Yes, indeed. And that came about because I saw one man in a small airplane landing at Burbank Airport between Delta and Southwest and JetBlue and I literally Googled at the gate. One man, small aircraft in general aviation came up. I had no idea that you don't have to be a military pilot to become a pilot. And so I came back and took a discovery flight from a Groupon for 100 bucks. And got hooked and sick in the plane hooked in sick, Really? Because wait a minute, So the only time I've ever flown myself in a small private plane, General Aviation, I got incredibly sick. And I said to myself, Well, that's the end of this for me. Never again, and I've stuck to that. But you the same thing happened to you and your reaction was like, Okay, Great When you've all cleaned up the vomit, I'm going to learn to fly. Let me tell you why, And I'm not crazy. Okay, I just have to tell the truth. But I flew over my ex boyfriend's house and I snapped a picture from the air and I sent it to him, and his reaction was priceless. He's like How did you get this picture? And where are you? And I was like, Oh, I just need to be able to do this. Whenever I feel like it. That's a I thought you were going to say I vomited out the window and then be I love that your Pettiness drove you to learn how to fly an airplane girl. You're like hashtag goals. Thank you. I don't know if your adventures have ever called upon survival skills. Do you have any survival skills? I do have my wilderness. First state certification. I'm going to go get my avalanche training in October. Back in Colorado. I'm always ready for the apocalypse. I literally I'm literally coming to move in with you. I am coming to move in with you because you are Lara Croft. You really are. You are in my eyes. My avalanche training was stay the hell away from Avalon. Would worry about, like being with you in the apocalypse because you'd be too good at it, And they'd just be like lagging behind out of breath. I grab you by that collar. We'd be out of there. Okay, but everyone always says if anything goes wrong, call Kelly. She's gonna load up the aircraft is gonna have all the gear and we're going to survive. And I say that so I'm like, Choose your friends wisely. I'm one of those friends shoes, but I mean, it is humbling to know that you have all these skills for the apocalypse and in my case would be like Well, Peter could moderate the discussion of the campfire tonight. That's all I got. And I might feel it would be like, Look, I don't I hope it doesn't come to this, but probably I'm delicious. So I'll hold my breath. I would I would about to say in the meeting of your new clan don't lead with that job on the final, but everybody can contribute. I'm Josh. I'm delicious. Can you do the castaway thing that Tom Hanks did and actually make a fire from like sticks if you needed to, I absolutely can. And that's definitely one of the skills that you learned like. That's one on one survival skills like fire is the most important. Come on, Peter. That's one on one thing. This is terrible, Josh. If if you and I was marooned together, I wouldn't even be able to boil you, although we could use my the reflection off my giant forehead to call down a plane. Well, Kelly Words. It is an absolute delight to talk to you. But we have actually asked you here today to play a game that this time we're calling. Welcome to Staten Island. So you've explored many exotic remote islands. But what do you know about a pretty normal island right off the wild coast of eastern New Jersey? Staten Island? Answer two out of three questions about Staten Island and you'll win our prize for one of our listeners the voice of anyone..

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