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Is over but Matt Bevin new trails by more than five thousand votes is refusing to concede to ours and in the days and the weeks ahead we'll figure out according to the letter of predetermined law what the outcome is president trump rally for government on Monday night tweeted his support to help Bevin make up a fifteen maybe twenty point deficit down the president also congratulated Tate Reeves the Republican won the governor's race in Mississippi defeating Democrat Jim hood in Virginia a shift in power Democrats have taken the majority in the states Senate and house of delegates the first time that's happened in more than two decades democratic governor Ralph Northam tweeting the ground is truly shifted boxes girls got an update on the nine Americans massacred in Mexico there are reports out of Mexico this morning that arrest is been made it's coming from snores justice department criminal investigation agency posting to their Facebook pages fox news is working to confirm more boxes group Jing in six the nine murdered by drug cartel were children and an aunt of one of the three women killed tells fox they have no conscience that they're gonna do what they want to do and regardless there's no consequences for it house Democrats to question for work from the ministration official today only one is expected to show up undersecretary of state David Hale six others this week refused to go an ambassador is revised his testimony president trump's ambassador to the European Union Gordan Sunland attached an addendum to testimony he gave last month the house committee's leading the impeachment and Corey someone else's he believed that US aid to Ukraine was linked to a public statement by Ukraine's president to investigate corruption of former vice president Joe Biden as fox's jerit help and president trump keeps insisting the call with with you Fraser was perfect he's nothing wrong his listening to fox news whether you're in the construction site.

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