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Ali's coming up is an old friend of mine we met back in nineteen ninety eight when eight Jeremy Strohmeyer I killed a young lady and a young girl I should say I am in a cab yeah I could see you know there'd state lime and we had his friend on with us a guy named David cash and David cash was there when he when Jeremy Strohmeyer committed the murder and never told anybody about it he said he didn't want to ruin his friendship with Jeremy and he he didn't feel like he had to tell anybody about Sri cyber Sam who is the young girl that was killed and so we had David cash and David cash was very sort of casual about it is not because I didn't it was my job to tell anybody and Steckler blew up he blew a fuse yelling at this kid and man oh man that that really was quite at a run there is right it was actually right in the middle of the Monica Lewinsky thing with Bill Clinton and yet the Sri sai rescind story took over and was national headlines and in some papers was the story above Bill Clinton and now she was a huge part of that and he joins us on IG only welcome back to KFYO her user she a great jump but you have to meet them but but all the talk to you you can call every night if you like but you're always they have a very good friend of mine I know that we met back in nineteen ninety eight and naturex iris iris and thing and what we would've had nothing if it wasn't for your organizational skills well actually take that as a compliment but truth is you and your partner at the time I think that Stadler yes I actually made this case talked about problems with the lake with the power of love your radio station in India and your cell phone thank you for your platform well I I I always side I always had a hold your hi my heart because you're not one of these guys who you know comes out of the woodwork whatever there is an incident or or a you know a killing like this you're always you know three hundred sixty five days a year you're on top of things and and I did but I bet let me get a sense of of what you think about this for my for my opinion and I've talked to a lot of cops I know you know a lot of police officers as well is they think that this guy in Minnesota should be in jail for a long time friend perhaps the rest of his life and now a lot of these local cops think that they that they have to start over with with securing the trust of the community again is that how you see it your question I talked to a lot of friends of mine who do wear a badge and a gun in the one thing they've all said of that discount does not look to the the vast majority of men and women of law enforcement the district to protect our lives right and I did and I think they're right what you think about the merits speech today you get a chance to hear it yeah actually I saw it on the news and I was impressed that this mayor is leading was strange courage last lower conviction and he's not afraid to listen to the outcry of its constituents because one thing the news noted yeah I don't know the number that I could not believe that there were at least approximately ten thousand people outside of city hall so clearly the mayor is being forced to listen even if you didn't want to write and and have you had a chance to meet him or work with them in the past it got we got a full disclosure a close friend of mine no yeah yeah well I'm actually a chaplain in mega cities office but I knew him before he was even the city council person I know him from the bad being the DA Mister rested Gil Garcetti impact right so you're gonna have a long history but I have nothing but respect for his leadership and expressed in the statement in the mail today I was thinking about that the the other day I know you and I are getting old when our friends sons are now the mayor of L. and the question St I with the nineteen ninety eight that means we didn't plan file only twenty plus years that's why yeah I was I would even think about it but you know it by getting back to that the the whole lives you know Jeremy Strohmeyer story and David Cassian that Porsche Reese Iverson and and I followed that family afterwards you know the father had passed away and and the and the heartache that hurt that them that that sherry's mother went through but that story came out exactly almost to the day of I you know the that Monica Lewinsky story and and you know and Bill Clinton and yet the they David cash story the Jeremy Strohmeyer entry Cyrus and that really captured the heart of America and it was the end and that you know you and I and Doug Steckler and I'm you know I never really Pat myself on the back we were able to change the law so that when you saw somebody commit a murder you can't stand by I believe you have to say something yes and that was one of the accomplishments that we all work together to ensure that happens in two thousand one governor gray Davis B. it's vital districts are with the law A. B. fourteen twenty five which is effectually helps protect California's children from peta files so we can act in a field in the back bit now we made history and a lot of past which was those are historic yeah and that law stays on the books that you even today not only that but the look similar level last will pass in Nevada but over there it is well I just it just it gives most in California obviously but in Las Vegas it was front page news when are he signed that bill into law officially make that first law in the nation named after a murder black child yeah I remember that story very die very clearly because it started off with David cash calling us and being very flippant about the murder of this young girl and then cut to two weeks later are you an ai inspector is standing up at Berkeley because that's where he was going to school and ABC CBS NBC fox twenty twenty and it's sixty minutes every single camera there were probably fifty or sixty cameras there there are some people flew in from you know Japan and China to cover this thing it was a story that it was supposed to be the secondary story in this country behind Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and yet it almost overtook that story is incredible well it wasn't credible in fact I was going through some old newspaper clippings and realize that the store was covered in snow in Newsweek magazine try me but would just something that was incredibly keep in mind at that time twenty years ago there was no Facebook Twitter Instagram a social media that's right I didn't have that story happened oh man not today other social media it I mean it being hit international right and when we when we were working on that story we have to get on the phone at six o'clock in the morning and on the phone all day long calling people and begging them to include it in their magazine or the newspaper and now it would have just been a clipping your right what about a social post on on on social media and it would have gone out there and literally would have millions of hits by noon what a question who's been resting how things evolve as far as technology is concerned but as in the day you know I am grateful that we have great people with a good heart good work together and we lost our religion in different races well United as Americans but the fight for justice for a minute a little black girl at the same speed we feel now with folks of all different races and religions coming together despite delivering a quiet man named Gregory Floyd in Minnesota yeah I think I can you stay with us sure now she always with us we'll put you on hold here if I'm he's he also why I created the the Muslim democratic club of southern California and if you'd like to get a hold of him when we come back we'll just tell you is is Twitter handle all right is active non G. Ali N. A. J. E. A. L. I. at Naji Ali and he's one of the of the the more sane and loudest voices in Los Angeles now he gets a lot of things done he he's friends with the top people when we come back we'll ask you about the mayor's speech where this city goes now and his thoughts on the looting because Najee Ali was right here in the middle of it in nineteen ninety two during those riots and so we can compare what happened back then to today it's the Conway show Naji Ali is our special guest will live on KFI more now Gina grant the LA county district attorney's office says sixty one people have been charged with crimes committed during recent days of civil unrest most of those cases stem from alleged looting while others involve alleged robberies identity theft and assault or battery on a peace officer this city in China where the pandemic began has tested almost ten million people in nineteen days on says the testing identify just three hundred positive cases all with no symptoms and investigators with Scotland Yard say a German man is the new prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann it was the toddler taken from her family's hotel room in Portugal in two thousand seven the little girl would have turned seventeen this year Metropolitan Police say her suspected kidnapper would have been thirty in two thousand seven he was in Portugal at the time living in a camper van when the three year old disappeared he's currently in prison in Germany for something else we'll check the one ten freeway next well.

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