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Drive a new or certified pre owned vehicle today. See your valley Chevy dealers. Hurry in the freeway. Chevrolet in Chandler needs to earn and Katie are on is Hi. Today. 1 12 It'll be mostly sunny. The load tonight 86 with clear skies and sunshine with Hye won 10. Tomorrow weather is brought to you. By HOWARD Air Our news time. 7 13 Arizona's Morning News News FLASH. I'm Jamie West. Here's what you need to know. Right now. It's primary day in Arizona's voters who didn't mail in their ballots head to the polls. And make sure you take some extra water and dress. Cool. There's an excessive heat warning until eight tonight polling places opened it. Six. They'll stay open until seven tr IES on education. Arizona superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman says. We're in no position to send kids back to the classroom. Hoffman tweets, It's time to prepare for the reality. It's unlikely any school in the state will be able to safely open by August 17th. After bringing damaging winds, flooding and power outages to North Carolina. Hurricane Zaius has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It's now spawning tornadoes and dumping rain over Virginia and Maryland. You're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's new station, Katie Our NEWS Arizona Votes Primary Day at the polls have been open on this primary Election day for more than an hour. So what our senior news reporter Jim Cross earlier has it turned into more than a trickle by the way, pulling options Stay open until seven tonight and Jim is outside the Burton Bar Library in downtown Phoenix joins us now. Ah wear joking earlier about how it was an onslaught. Very Viciously. Have things changed it all. Yeah, I mean, it's steady.

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