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Stayed say the name. Maybe later on the puck joining me. The virtual studio to discuss this merry-go-round of malcontents in and we smith halloween. And about your really just in which move caught your eye the based and why what is boring but you obviously have to go for donate rob. Getting sent to justice buckling news. one of the few. I mean he wasn't good exactly but he was at least on the more moderate end of the spectrum. Me's or for a long time. They were like we're going to attack judicial review and they get a top judicial review but in the end with these various ouster clauses that he did it was all pretty incremental quite slow. It wasn't this kind of burn it down approach that we saw from principato from others. Not he thought well a case. You know this ain't great. It's it's walking in the wrong direction. But it's not fucking running at it. You know who guns blazing so to swap him out for rob is a problem in rob is a very long history of wanting to attack. The human rights act european convention human rights from which it originates. There's some restraint on him. By virtue of ironically the brexit deal they themselves signed but not that much strength. Do they can't start doing some very serious fucking about but more than that. It was just this sense of just moral dispatch at you. Know a way of running a country where the justice system. The national justice system is considered a consolation prize that you throw out to someone when they've catastrophically fucked up in another department. That in itself is quite hard to swallow it. Yes you failed that this entirely. Have this one to fail at entirely. Nemi it was interesting to look at the conservative home polling because basically the almost all the bottom people would go on the top people promoted. And that's every place is. Liz trust at the very top of net satisfaction among they. Why does she poll so highly with them. What do they see that. We don't well you'll right. She is right at the top of that list i think. The last policy in codename mendez Readers who are a net satisfaction of plus eighty five and right down the bottom. Yes lots of the people that have been reshuffled but actually johnson himself has fallen right down. That ranking as well and he Postive suction of about thirteen percent or even under dr thank obviously williamson with a staggering kind of minus minus fifty percent or something so johnson himself with being concerned about his popularity with members because we know how ruthless consecutive cr getting rid of leaders on for a long time. He was the the one the party. Faithful adore queue up around the block full at a fringe meeting. I think people even needs to sleep overnight to try and get into his fringes choi over its but trust. i believe. They're qualified to comment on homelessness. No doubt i think they see trust as some kind of modern day thatcher macaws. She's northern. She went to a state school. She's a free marketeer on. You know she isn't afraid to do Very very dingy pressed auntie and all the rest of it in terms of inch so in that respect she is a free market idealogue interesting. I think she did start out. Hopes with political life in a liberal democrat so young liberals or something is a student but i'm she has been very effective a talking up a series. A series of deals are basically come nothing more control c control the yeah quicker than anyone say you expected to bring anything to the foreign office brief except perhaps a sandwich in capri sun in. Spongebob squarepants lunch. Well and not sandwich definitely wouldn't have mayonnaise and i don't know jerry's our not obviously a red meat. Inferring funding work very closely in the trade brief because of the australia trade deal in particular the trading business commission scrutinized and made recommendations for movement on. She's a i mean she was sort of notionally a remain. Ah but his certainly rejected that label. Since then. we'll we'll wait and see on the foreign in the you're saying. I think her replacement in trade is quite concerning to me for various reasons one. I'm rachel indefinitely. A eurosceptic very heartened but says on sunday a bit of a climate change sceptic on that concerns me because if the balance of our trade is going to move away from on nearest trading partners to would says feather way that is going to have a detrimental impact onell of carbon leadership in the world on. She oversee is probably somebody. That doesn't catch you much about that. So i think that's worrying to the world not just the uk in what you think of the timing of the reshuffle. It was sandwiched between an opposition. Vote in universal credits that big announcement of the uk us. Australia defense cooperation agreement. There were also some raised eyebrows that it came at the very final stages of the spending review departments literally in the middle of negotiating their budgets for the next three years and there were some people questioning whether you know bringing new secretary of state into department at this stage might basically end up softening it budget wise. What do you think. I wouldn't worried too much about that. I mean my main thoughts were ready with what it says for the election. You certainly get the sense that this is the team. That will lead the tories into the next action. That doesn't mean we need to get over. It sort of exciting thing without w means is happening in that. Probably it is going to happen including to the timetable. We saw some sometime in twenty twenty. Three in may twenty twenty three. But you don't you don't even look at it because it involves some big names. Because i think surprisingly figures like williamson actually went to the back benches rather than being given another position on the front edge. People should have allowed. This is actually quite a meaty big on me but ultimately when you could get the vast majority of people. Staying in place is really just a handful. I mean literally sort of a handful to the big names that have shifted around and it looks like an election footing. And it's not entirely. I mean most of the time you can sort of see you can just about see the argument. Obviously not with nadine doors. I suppose within the dean doors you would say. She's written a book and she's been on. Tv so that for tackling stories still too soon still to come back with buckland. yukon buccaneers. The victim of being someone. Who's very so. We had to go to make to make way so you think there is. There is some credibility to the speculation that buckland basically the main reason you want is to make a vacancy to mate rabid. Oh absolutely now. He's done nothing. I mean you look at the other. People that have been tucked govern williams and hasn't made it through a single month in that post without a really major scandal against him. The same general has been perceived. Bus leaves allegations. I mean that is just not the case of buckton. Whichever way you look at it. I mean he had a pretty clean record. He was shifted out in in order to get raw. This trust you can argue that. The same thing is happening to her. The ones happened to boris johnson. Which is you're flying quite high. Admittedly store caliber be considered to be flying high. But she is so you put her in the foreign office. Which is you know makes you feel really good about yourself one of the upstate his estate but as well off to the side where you call too much of a mess of things unless of course you're you'll military operations in afghanistan happened to end while you're on holiday and and really. That was what to resume did with boris johnson. It didn't work. For theresa. May from enough..

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