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You know those cheese you it's a cheese stick right the single serving sticks versus six or eight grams of fat mostly saturated in the fullfat cheese sticks let's see what else hamas i i don't think so you know you wanna stay away from because that could get on your seat or your fear eating or if you have a passenger eating while they're driving right staying safe in the summer sun curse shade as as what you're looking for if you're out in the sun too long so bring an umbrella to the beach or to your parker picnic and clothing you want to make sure you have at least a tshirt for cover up unless you're gonna be swimming of course and then well even even if you're swimming some people who wear the aqua clothing to protect themselves especially if you're out in the water for a long time such as boating or skiing or surfing or paddle boarding or something like that and then sunglasses you know you can't put sunscreen on your eyes so and i personally have had eyelid cancer so you know and you can't put sunscreen on your eyelids either so you have to protect your eyes from with sunglasses you know make sure they're both uva and uv b we'll have the rating of four hundred my favorite is maui jims but there's a lot of good quality glasses out there ray bans and and all the other brands and then speaking of sunscreens by the way and we're gonna talk more about this next well actually not next hour next next week show but in two weeks from now for our fourth of july show i'll have some worse than care tips or son smart sunsets tips for you which is one of the hottest days of the year in fact that's the air conditioners air conditioning days i think it's right after fourth of july all the way to the round the fifteenth lets the air conditioning appreciation days that's what it is every year but important to use broad spectrum sunscreen i use the zinc oxide containing screens the mechanical or the mineral screens not the chemical screens which are a lot healthier and and they do that any protect you longer and they don't have the nasty just sticks smell that and keenness of those chemical ones that you've finding a lot of stores and they re safe they don't adversely affect the environment of the coral polyps and the and the oceans when you go in and which everybody does they go and get wet and wash off all their sunscreen oh and also next week i wanted to mention that randy up at this time of next week we'll have biochemist and microbiologist randy prep and we had him on a week or two ago talking about travel health but then this week or next week rather we will have him on covering a little bit about travel health and and then well actually no he'll be on the two weeks from today excuse me for the fourth of july weekend edition and the first hour of the program and we'll talk about being food safe at that picnic or barbecue you're having on the fourth of july and also anti nutrients we touched on briefly when we had one recently but we'll talk about some of the foods that you want to avoid if you want to avoid digestive difficulties or allergies or immune compromise conditions are autoimmune conditions rather things like lupus or are a or some of the other conditions that some of these foods can aggravate and we do not want anyone getting ill from contaminated food so if you do have a can of food that's dented rusted or otherwise questionable when in doubt throw it out that's my advice for not only summer but any time of the year.

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