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GotTa Watch. No no no no take this point. There's got to have AIDS by now. He has to have staffers. I how about that. Is that a disease. Have staffers around him. That are going like staphylococcus going like you you know. Hey Joe cool it with the girls at the you know you got to have people that are like just be real careful you know I know I know you're your friendly guy and you like to you know. Put Your hands on girls shoulders or you know you just like you know you got that personal affection or whatever that's fine but just watch it you know but no. He's just it just barrels right through and they're like you know he's reached that point of being an old man where he just doesn't care what I'm GonNa do. I think George Bush senior here he had that thing he said to the lady meant it was I think. He said he was doctor. Doctor I I can't remember I lost it. Just don't turn next story in. Forget that I. It didn't end that sentence. You WanNa read one dear. You must be speak story. Three women advertising five different. MLM's on back of minivan must be extremely rich comma a successful Siri Reading Kama successful the essence of the the headline yes. I'm reading it on the PODCAST and rich antics. Because it's like the head so I actually saw a woman exactly like this and I've photoshop the van to be exactly what I saw I. There was a woman driving. Had like cincy young living herbalife all that. I'm just like Geez. Like how many of these can you possibly do. And how you keep up with all of them we got a lot of. MLM's and our families who had to be carefully say publicly Yeah do you guys like him. What do you think about? MLM's do you like it. Hard heading question. Yeah there my my sister and my best friend and my mom are big. MLM or so. I don't think you can. You can just go off. There's they go off load. They are they rich. Say they work a lot of hours. Do you have any thoughts on. MLM's just you know the the pyramid. You know what I don't need 'em slain it. Can I man spleen into you. Tie personally wouldn't Do in Milan. But I do like some of the things things that they sell. I like some of the products and the Tara things yes see see is i. I agree see I do so I you. To as a lot of essential oils mu two in fact some of the essential oil pictures that are in the Babylon be stuff that kyle buried in the ground. But I don't really we have the energy to go out there and do something like that but I do enjoy things article oils found or something she wakes up and she's like she'd text me at work and she's like why does my essential oils case. Have all this BERTA. I had to bury it King. David's for work dear so I do I do purchase things from there. I just don't sell the step so I don't necessarily have to agree with you on your timing and as a nurse so some of the health related stuff is the sciences. A little shaky. I'm going to just put that out there. I don't think is GonNa like cure cancer. I'll bet you'll be like an alternative on. This woman who uses over three hundred essential oils probably immortal. Well I remember somebody told. I don't know if I should say somebody told your mom like Oh this will heal your you know your spine. And she's like no. It's okay but your mom enjoys dotes era. I'm like an MLM's neighbor. Don't ask me fans so uh-huh I have a lot of autoimmune issues and Alabama. So I just get super annoyed when people prison things that our biggest biggest like us these essential oils for your asthma. And I'm like actually that makes it a million times worse like note and it's not just the central oil. That's what I find is like I'm not gonNA name names but like the ones where you buy a bunch of powders and You know they're all the research that they're telling their consultants to preach is coming from the company. You know it's kind of like exactly people are like I don't need my diabetes medication anymore and I'm like I should talk to your doctor. Uh Or if a friend of mine who literally will promote that. Her prodecures peanut allergy's own which are known to be deadly and Oh take the product and then do a trial run on your child give them a senior not a bad idea. Bad bad idea. Well we finally found a topic that gets him going. Yeah I was wondering about like L. M. Culture like at churches. Because I see it from the outside where it's like every get together that the women will have at some churches like just a sales pitch those wondering what you have you ever been to like an initiation ceremony or anything. Where they're like join us? Yes Roy A and it is very annoying. Please stop invited me to those especially when they. You don't say it outright. Yeah show up and you think it's a gathering of like. What is this pamphlet? Ah Putting in my hands. Like wait us in duped by have literally been in situations like that was like after Church get together with the girls and then there's somebody somebody from which don't buy it. There are some new from Tara. Okay Sandy were fine. But it's like I I want to give it to me but just handed wind class. One thing. I was really excited about. I one offense he gets Ooh for me but I did not sign up. I just I don't like I don't like to be tricked. I don't like to be duped. I get very upset and things like that happened. Don't try to cure diabetes. Okay and and just keep your hands off my diabetes. It's my diabetes. I'm just kidding at type. One Diabetes Diabetes. Take the room down. Keep talking about it. It's it's a thing here. I think yeah experienced the male equivalent of the culture in church like we went to a new church down San Diego and we had some guy that was older guy. So I'm like Oh maybe this guy wants to disciple me. He wants to be my friend and so he's coming up to every Sunday talking starting conversation and Macau Man. He's real friendly and great. Hi Dan yeah like he's you know he's got a wife and kids and so it seemed like always gonna I'm GonNa show me how to get out and then like four four weeks into this. He's like So have you. Let's get together after church and have lunch or something. I'm like okay and then we had some come up. I had to cancel on him so then he started texting me. Like long-form Messages Ages. Like have you considered a your life insurance policy. You know Blah Blah Blah. Who Still? It was a long con. It was like he's a real man to crazy easy. Wow I don't know have had any. I had one friend go nuts about magnets and he was just one of those guys that he he was just. Yeah he's a guy that gets convinced by pop up the shows you WanNa gazillion dollars if you click there and he's calling died. I just one gosh. I had a guy that was obsessed with we'd have got old churches obsessed with plexus and like he ended up leaving the church in like just bailing. He was leading Bible Studies. Instead of just all of a sudden stop texting everybody just left and in like six months later he texts me and he's like hey we're going to have a barbecue At the house tonight nine you know and I'm like Oh maybe you know we'll be serving the pink G.. Yeah exactly exactly you. Don't it was like in. There will be a giveaway and I'm like a giveaway away at a barbecue. Powdered beverages justly probably tick tick me of. Oh it's a plexus thing in my own should have had jerry seven and I got I got you I'm good I got got my pink drink. It's abysmal on. Ice Shaken not stirred. So we just gotTa the Frank Church that has like genuine fellowship and not like the the long con going on. What's going on in the church? What's up with a Mike in San Diego? It happens a lot because like now. I'm Kinda scared too like I'm not trying to be mean to anybody but like like a lot of military spouses you know There has been gone and I feel like they. They want to contribute and try to do something like that. So I feel like I you see it a lot there. I haven't seen it as much up here. I think. Have you Kyle Som- but yet it wasn't. There was definitely we we were. We were kind of in a military community in the why the husbands and the wives wanted to feel you know they wanted to use useful and they wanted to feel like they were bringing in money too and so it was just it was like they were kind of the perfect audience for that kind of a sales pitch. You can earn money at home. It's like oh I can you know I think it comes from a desire on their part I wanNA help you know but then I think a lot of people maybe take advantage of them. Well it seems like the companies are really me as very director that like the the wife who's at home stay stay at home wife who want an excuse to get together with friends and stuff like that and It just did it really. It's really targeting. But I did want to thank the Babylon because we had you guys have a story facebook to display warning whenever girl from high school about to sell you stuff. I've actually used this atta girl from high school. I hardly you're Haitham interested or not but I'm trying to find a couple of people today that would love to try our new healthy energy drink. Would you be interested in learning more so I just send you the link to that story. Yeah he was very offended it starts off a no thank you would would have been good or removing from your list. And then she went on about how this is her income. That's brutal it is pretty. You know it's funny. We were sitting back. You you guys were talking about the shampoos I mean he was talking about the. MLM's it gave me this like weird like we're in an alternate plane of reality. Where where are words? Do the Babylon and we're off. Like like. They have the podcast and they do stuff. Where at home making cookies do hair? Ethan's a nurse. You know the dance with with a million. When are you coming Home Shandra? You know she's like I. We gotta get the podcast recorded and you know. That's an aside. They might do a better job you never know they were doing great. I was entertaining to listen to you. Know we should sit back. Let them get going. Yeah that's why I kind of wanted we've been reporting so let's do. Let's do one more story usually three. But let's do one more because I think a got to pick the best one. Yeah we get one or two of one of these doesn't get them going but we're really trying we're like poking them with the stick. Come on shelter. Do you want to read the next story. Six four reasoning the weather episode number six and then possibly number seven because I know my wife will have thoughts on seven. So Sean to read number six and then you guys can talk and we will we. We will be quiet. The entire time discuss we will not talk. Starting no man show sacrificial Comma Christ like love for wife by throwing socks in general direction of laundry basket I am so triggered thing comma free of solidarity even if they mock us. We need to be firm. Stand up up for commerce. I let consistency. Thank you I do too and I like you a bond this for me. I am triggered by this as well. You know I can't okay. I'm sorry but when Ethan were first for living together got married. The Thing that bothered me was he. He always rolls up his sleeves on his bike. button-down shirt and then he would leave his socks in a ball and like I have bought him like every form of foot helper like foot. You know file like you know like Ahmo pay you know what I mean pumice you know and I'm like please use this because our bed like where his feet are is like the pile. I mean I'm not not even joking with high. All of those things come the leaf blowers yes low at all precisely so I went at one point I said to Ethan and you know I'm cool with doing your laundry you know. We're that's one thing I do in our household is I do all the laundry but will you please because when I would unroll his sock go..

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