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The only thing that it is different about it is the ability to mynatt with a graphics god that has absolutely new value to the average nontechnical user who is actually using it as a currency no value whatsoever so it doesn't offer fast the transactions oil no extra features whatsoever so there is no reason for the average uses to switch from transacting in bitcoin to bitcoin gold and for that reason it's going to be a purely speculative currency annoying correct me in the comments below if you if you see any of the reason why the way the actual marketplace would see bitcoin gold is valuable where does his value derive from if he's literally just a clone of bitcoin where the different minding algorithm how is that valuable to the actually uses icon seats and again might i'm always come into this from a a businessperson a business a marketing point of view and think about the market the actual uses are going to use as a currency big when gold doesn't offer anything i am the the existing bitcoin doesn't already offer right and actually be a could say was wes in many ways he's got a small development team the unproven blah blah blah blah right so it's a much higher risk m and does offer any extra bit of it so that without flows reasons purely from a from a business point of view unthinking it doesn't have a use in the marketplace therefore i don't think he's gonna value so i shall be using it to buy some more quote real bitcoin's if you like i am the do have more utility and zone a big amok and all that kind of stuff so that's why all right now let's finish off the show we give the monkey round up those head over to kwy dot com a picked up four points took about today the big movers today uh stratos twenty second place by market gap is hope eight point five one percent today to three dollars twenty cents also salt i missed out on this hugely it's doubt it's always thirty five point nine six percent three dollars a fifty three cents if you listen to the group divest regularly i was on record saying only give himself some salt.

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